Update on Covid19 Psychic Predictions

The global news is so startling today! No vaccines in Haiti, huge protests in Greece against vaccines, and the Delta variant gaining ground in the U.S.  …it’s prompting me to post what I wrote a client who emailed their reasons for not getting vaccinated.

Nature Will Dominate – May 2021

…what I think is going to happen, because of a lack of vaccinations, is that the virus is about to go CRAZY with its mutations… it has a spectacular end. I’ve written in the past that it’s engineered to kill us, and there’s something uniquely energized at its end. Without rules in place to vaccinate people and without countries’ receiving the vaccine, it has a crazy dance of death at the end. Vaccine makers will need to keep on making vaccines…”

Innovators could develop a fix to escape the fate of not outrunning the coronavirus: a shot or a pill or some innovation that killed them all forever. But in the meantime, leaders of all stripes and large numbers of people seem to have signed up for a science experiment.

P.S. in that email, I don’t mean the virus was engineered to kill any particular people, or that it was set loose on purpose, it was just engineered to kill. This idea showed up in the very first mention of the pandemic in the Summer 2019 newsletter, about something that was coming, “man-made or natural”, that stopped everything.

Elissa’s Psychic Newsletter, Mercury Direct Horoscopes

Happy Birthday, Pisces! And Messages for All During Sun in Pisces

Dear Friends,
I hope you’re managing the ups and downs and purgatory-like limbo of these uncertain pandemic times. Here in Santa Fe, I got a glimmer of hope and a glimpse of normality on gallery-lined Canyon Road. I saw tourists milling about, and a line of cars cruising slowly up the street, for the first time in almost a year. Those unexpected signs of life were so welcome!

The February Mercury retrograde cycle is finally over, but before it ended, my computer got blown away by some bad software, and I did something bad to my newsletter subscribers list. If you didn’t ever get a January prediction newsletter and you signed up, that’s why! I wrote quite a bit, though, and you’ll find the newsletter updates and more on my blog and website.

It’s still a moody month, ending with the cathartic full moon on the 27th, and then comes kinder times. People will be more empathetic, projects and plans can move forward faster, and we’ll have more diversions. In the meantime, take care of each other and be good to yourself!
Love, Elissa

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Housekeeping: After a period of a number of weeks in 2020 when recordings kept on failing, I stopped offering them and suggested people record on their phone. However it wasn’t a good solution for everyone, so now I’m offering them free by request, I just can’t guarantee them.

Classes on LearnItLive.com:
I’ve been thinking a lot about channeling lately and how to stay open to spiritual guidance under pressure, and when times are tough. I’ll discuss some new understandings and how to practice communing with the spiritual world in a half hour LearnItLive class, “Channeling Do’s and Don’ts” on February 25th 6 – 6:30 pm Mountain Time. Questions welcome!

Classes on LearnItLive.com:Moving Forward with the Stars” There’s an easing up at the end of February after some trying and provocative astrological weather. We’ll discuss the current trends, “what’s in the air” clairvoyantly for the class. how your intuition is designed to guide you through change, and what deepens your trust in it. Questions welcome!  

Messages from the Stars   The last week of February begins two months of sunnier astrological skies with no retrograde planets. Although it’s hard experiences that have been teaching us, it should be easier to move forward on all fronts. There is creative, innovative energy to summon. Don’t look back!   

February 2021 pictograph up top– New Orders This was made around Groundhog Day, February 2nd. It symbolizes innovations in food production, medicines that create fast results, new solutions for the eyes and liver, and innovations in general that increase production efficiency. Also, that there are a lot of toxins in the air. Not only are material objects releasing toxins, but people have a lot of heavy energy they’re releasing– it’s kind of a putrid atmosphere. Let emotions come and go, it’s a purifying month, and it leads to “better ways”.

The next pictograph is a combo psychic birthday card for Pisces, and a message for all signs about how to get important things done while the Sun is in Pisces, February 19th -March 20th   

Happy Birthday, Pisces! Here’s to an active and productive year! Champion your goals, and magic will follow!   Re the little sayings on the card, it sounds paradoxical to “move your muscles” and also, “conserve your energy”, but empathetic Pisceans easily gives their energy to others, and feel others deeply. To accomplish their goals, they’ll need self-discipline and to remember that “straight is the gate, and narrow the way.”  

February Psychic Messages, and Mercury Goes Direct Horoscopes

Read your Sun, Moon and Rising signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: You have to do some things that are hard for you. They are empowering and worth it, but are still hard. You might need more help than you are getting yourself. Sometimes things are hard – just get them done.

Mercury goes Direct for the Fire signs:  It time to come down to earth, take a good look at your finances and material-world circumstances, and get ready to embraces new sources of benefits and income. There should be signs of having turned a corner through the communications you get, that now a wanted change is in sight. You might be switching directions to a more profitable track.  

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: This new moon energy gives you a “go-ahead” about a role that’s easy for you to play. Things fall into place. There’s somebody coming, or there’s some kind of activity around marriage, relationships, and saying “yes”.  

Mercury goes Direct for the Water signs: You have been deep in your feelings, but what has felt heavy is likely leaving your life. You’ve accomplished the all important goal of acting on the ideas that come from your better self. Something that you have been trying to get together and proceed with has a better order and chance for success – go for what you want!  

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: It looks like you’re trying to go somewhere, to a new community and perhaps new relationships, but things are really quite delayed or stymied. To be able to act on all you want to embody, and to connect with the places and people in your life, looks not easy to do right now. Tomorrow is another day! The wind will shift…

Mercury goes Direct for the Air signs, In order to begin again and with what you now know you have, expect to still feel like you’re releasing the past and letting go of a lot – some pressure builds up as the moon gets full at the end of the month. After a cathartic month of changes, you’re more forward-thinking, like an artist contemplating an empty canvas, and ready to be inspired by the changing truth.  

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: It’s not a good time to expect a lot of progress, or that you can move quickly. But you could be late for something. Make sure you get things in on time. There can be big consequences for not doing that. Earth signs should do stuff and not be too picky – just get it done with dispatch.  

Mercury goes Direct for the Earth signs: This isn’t a time where you necessarily find what you’re looking for, but it’s good to keep on looking. Think of it as the universe having a hard time delivering right now, but soon enough your options with open up and you’ll be connecting again with opportunities and people, and where the ground is more fertile.  

Covid19 update: I got the impression there’s a lot more deaths still to come. It’s no time to let your guard down, no matter what the numbers say.      

New Moon Psychic Message and July 24th Weekend Tips

New Moon in Cancer July 2020

The July 20th new moon in Cancer makes what is comfortable for you and what home means to you a big focus, and you’ll pay more attention to making it work for you. It should be easier to feel what you’re “at home” choosing in your personal life, and what you really feel like doing.

The new moon in Cancer has gut-level guidance about navigating the pandemic and chaotic times:

“We still gotta be enduring, folks – a past message from the spirit world and still important: to choose the Strong Self, the Enduring One within.”

The New Moon Message is to keep the focus on where there’s momentum and natural coming-together. Don’t struggle if something can’t happen; try to find a way around like water does. Conserve your energy for where it can flow. Strengthen your foundations: dig them deeper and make them more relevant. Widen your networks and indulge in what keeps you emotionally strong.

To have endurance and be strong does not mean to exhaust yourself; it means to be strong in how you take care of yourself, what you choose to focus on, and how you let more of your life flow. There’s a lot of letting go of the weighty and irrelevant. This challenging uphill climb brought on by Covid19 seems to let up in some important way in March 2021.

The new moon in Cancer inspires people to make commitments to their personal truth. They might be written, or uttered in a prayer, or conveyed through a decisive action. However, it is a very risky time to act in opposition, and to oppose authority with your body.  Make sure you keep yourself free to work on what’s important to you.

With the know-it-in-your-guts gift of a new moon in Cancer, and a renewed commitment to what’s real for you and right for you, the next couple of weeks can be a fulfilling and creative time with less interruption, beginning right around this weekend, July 24th, 2020.