Changes going on in my living room

Most philosophies agree that the only change you can effect is change in your own self. And that that’s how the world changes, one by one. With occasional quantum leaps, such as what’s happening in Egypt!

Today, Mubarak seemed to mean to surprise, when he addressed the people in the streets with the message that he was staying, not going. The people surged to the state tv station, next chapter unknown. Fareed Zakara suggested on tv it was a third attempt to foil the people…to purposefully infuriate them so they riot and become violent, they’re so mad.

I have been fascinated to watch such a fight go down, with such ancient roots. The pharoahs are leaving Egypt. It’s nothing less than a consciousness revolution in the Middle East, and it could prove The Hundredth Monkey morphogenic field theory and how things can change very fast. It could radically everything, this upheaval, but so far the signs seem to be saying, in a good direction.

Right in my own living room about a week ago, listening to CNN and Charley Rose interview Middle East experts and scholars, I spontaneously had a profound inner change of orientation towards Middle Eastern people. I’ve known and worked with many individually, but as a people and culture I guess they were “foreign” to me, because now they’re not! I identify with the people on tv and am in awe of their movement. I have a different relationship to millions of people now.

May the outcome in the Middle East bring peace.

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