Psychic insights for Capricorn in 2012

Capricorn 2012
Capricorn 2012

Capricorn 2012 divination card: It’s really hard to stick to your art or creative focus
because there is both attention on you and a lot of distracting responsibilities to
attend to. Just take more breaks and treat yourself great!–you will love the attention
and where you get if you CAN stick to your creative focus.

Alot is set up now so you are freer and doing more what you want to pursue a year from
now, in 2013. Meanwhile, you can have religious and spiritual breakthroughs ..”I see the
light” you’ll say.

Capricorn 2012 picture card: When all is said and done, you’re satisfied with your
performance this year, and you are hard to please. You can move into a higher, more
respectful relationship with yourself.At the same time, you are more hang loose, less of
a perfectionist, and when you find yourself alone, happier
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