Virgo’s birthday card and predictions for the year ahead

Virgo 2010

Your birthday card: Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde on your birthday, and your psychic pictograph reflects its message: This year, you can make great progress when you use your energy to help yourself, especially with long-standing issues. Better coping skills, greater adaptability, and more genuine connection with others are the result.

Spiritual guidance: You may wish for a more perfect year, but you will not want for informative experiences! Some jolting, some jarring, some funny..all necessary for you to become the more light-hearted, wise, and flexible person you develop into through this year’s educational events. You meet your fears, your fate, and what really makes you feel whole and happy. “Understanding” is one of this year’s big gifts.

Your tarot for 2010: This year offers ways to get into a safer, more stable, and powerful position in life. You will be willing to change location or do what’s necessary to flow with opportunity. You will try things you haven’t considered; new methods and ways of reaching out are favorable. Partnerships can instigate change also, and it’s best to go with the trend, not be idiosyncratic, not cling to anything from the past, but move towards the best bet. You “modernize” this year.

Elissa Heyman, Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing,, 505-982-3294