Pluto in Aquarius: Its Messages About the Next Twenty Years

An excerpt from my January 2024 Client Newsletter:

Pluto in Aquarius Empowers the People

Pluto moves into Aquarius for the next twenty years, and understanding its destination makes the violent uprisings and chaos currently underway a little more digestible. Things get better!

Pluto is the cosmic bulldozer, leveling everything to the ground to make way for the new. Pluto is a transformative force for evolution and change through destruction of what the past has built. The past has built a world that favors the few. But Pluto in Aquarius means things shift towards “power to the people”.  People unite and organize for rights and equality and freedom.

Pluto in Aquarius also means innovation, not tradition, shapes the future. It’s not just the inventors and scientists who are enlivened by this year’s spurt in innovative energy. Anyone who identifies with the process of personal transformation is energized. People want to break free from their own shackles and do things differently. The stars shine on those who want to fall back in love with their life…what Nature favors now are inspiring plans.

However, Plutonic forces applied to collectives are brutal. Pluto is associated with destructive events, violent outbursts, and revolutions. They’ll be a lot of that this year.

Seen through a very wide lens, the Big Picture reveals a massive power shift. Ultimately, the Aquarian age leads us to accept The Other and learn to live sustainably in Nature. But not this crazy year.