Psychic Impressions of Fall 2020 and the First Presidential Debate

I listened to a few minutes of the debate until I didn’t feel well, and ran to Twitter to vent, tweeting: “#Debates2020 Look at who is going to steal the election! Nobody is going to be able to listen to three debates, Trump is so toxic! Biden should absolutely ignore him and stop responding to what he says! It’s like giving in to a toddler!”

September 2020 Jaw-Dropping

I’ll wait for the synopsis in print. The world got an eyeful of what “malignant” and out of control poor mental health looks like, whether they could understand English or not.

I did a circle, and here’s what showed up, although I don’t associate it with the presidential debates. It was about how now we are entering the hard times, the big fires, the huge death tolls, so many people asking for help, but who they must ask is like a building compared to a person listening to them, like a company instead of a human helper… why did there have to be so many deaths? I wondered, because I was shown a lot of deaths although not where they came from. And the Spirit said, “Because it didn’t work”. As if an end a time was marked by a big sacrifice, real chaos. Worse, when I asked something about all those people letting go, and going now, the message was that there were going to be hard times for a long time, and at least for them it could be better to be gone for that.

There was also the impression in these times of people who were strong to begin with, becoming much stronger.

What it said about people who have a focus in their life and are still able to pursue it:  it was best to just narrow their focus to their individual goals and take one day at a time, because they may not see their progress or success reflected around them for a while, but it was important to keep going.  

These are hard times, fateful times, marked in the stars by Saturn and Pluto’s aspects.  When I tuned in to Fall 2020 on the Fall equinox on September 22nd  to see what was in the air, the first message was simply, “War”.  

The takeaway is that for some reason, whether it’s war or natural disasters or the pandemic or a economic depression that kills, there is a lot more death in the future than we are expecting. It also looked like the earth was prone to open up in earthquakes.

I promise anybody reading this I will never publish another psychic prediction for the general public if this turns out to be delusions. I’m posting them because the potential for disaster will be higher with Trump, and there’s still time to influence people to help save democracy by voting him out.

 Only massive voting is going to do it… I noticed Tyler the Creator is urging his fans to vote. Everybody who has an audience should be breaking protocol and try to do guerilla moves to mobilize millions and millions of their fans.

Truthfully, I think Trump will be able to take this democracy away from the people, the way things look. To change the direction we’re going, we need a bombardment of actions like what the New York Times is doing with the expose of Trump’s taxes. Instead of banging on pots and pans, people have to get on their social media platforms or whatever they’ve got, and fight back by getting the vote out. Because although I don’t know if this is what the spirits were talking about, or if they were talking about an actual war, I do know we in the United States are in a war, and our weapon is coming up to use November 3rd.