Guided Imagery

Short and simple, these guided meditations have helped thousands get in touch with their intuition!Would you like to access your own inner guidance at will?

… Shut the door, turn off your devices, and try whichever title appeals to you……No experience necessary!

The guided meditations below only require your imagination and some peace and quiet. Each one just takes 2-3 minutes. By following along with the instructions, you can get in touch with your intuition and wise inner self, and get psychic insights to your questions, or give yourself a healing.

A quote from author Gerald Epstein, M.D. about the power of imagery to heal mind and body, from his book Healing Visualizations: Creating Health Through Imagery

“… I saw that the task of therapy – the task of being human – was to help realize freedom, to go beyond the given, to the newness that we all are capable of, and to our capacity to renew and re-create. This is what imagery, I have come to learn, makes possible.”

Call Yourself Up, a guided imagery exercise to access intuition

The Light Within…access your inner wisdom

Teacher On The Beach

Give Yourself A Blessing