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GUIDED MEDITATIONS: I want to show you how easy it is to get in touch with your intuition! Please try any of the short guided meditations on my website, they will all do the trick – and for your convenience they are also posted on this blog. Thousands of clients and online users have successfully answered their own questions and learned to trust their inner guidance with these methods. Titles include “Call Yourself Up”, “The Light Within”, “Teacher on the Beach”, and “Give Yourself a Blessing”.

MONTHLY PSYCHIC NEWSLETTER: Free psychic horoscopes and predictions are emailed quarterly in my client newsletter, also posted online.

EDUCATIONAL ARTICLES ON DIVINATION, PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT, THE TAROT, AND MORE Magazine and book articles on psychic development, the intuition’s “yes” and “no”, the tarot, Edgar Cayce, and more. (When you put the cursor on the Intuition tab, you’ll see the article titles.)