Updated Psychic Predictions for 2017

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Psychic Insights for 2017

UPDATE: (January 16th, 2017) I finally understand, three weeks later, what the Speaking Stones were showing me on the Winter Solstice 2016 about Trump and the people in power now.

The Speaking Stones showed Trump on top of a tangle of hidden roots, people who had dealings with each other for decades, and were in a “coup” position, an international group that Trump was the face for. It seemed too extreme a picture, showing me a hidden power base, a hidden agenda of power-seekers and power-grabbers. I toned down this interpretation for my newsletter, see below. But my first impression may have been the Stones reflecting collusion between the Trump campaign and Putin, and the hidden business interests of the giantly wealthy.

Is Trump’s time in office so short-lived it, he doesn’t register on a psychic level? I just can’t see him or feel him there…I wonder why. I knew he was going to win the election; I felt that strongly when the Clinton campaign betrayed Bernie and his followers in early 2016. It will be hard for Trump to stay in office this year…between the first solar eclipse in February and the second one in August, the forces should push things along to ejection phase.

1st UPDATE: The first info I got on the Winter solstice 2016 for the year ahead was no fun: it was a pictograph, and showed 2017 on the left, and a long arrow representing the whole year, and it said, “Very fast, very bad.”

Another left-out message in the 2017 newsletter posted below, now that I go through the notes, is that China would grow in strength.

Gold would go up and down and then up towards the end of the year.

People will spend time trying to figure out, “What happened (in America)?” This can be a way of not dealing with radical change that has befallen us, one and all. The only effective thing to do if what’s happened can’t be stopped, is to take action to create another, preferred change.

The stock market looked like it would go quite down according to another pictograph, but it’s my understanding this is highly unlikely and not what’s expected; maybe the pic just registering volatility. The Uranian influence on the year suggests volatility.

(Scroll down for the first predictions for 2017 in the Fall 2016 newsletter and Post-Election Update)

The Individual’s Experience of 2017: The stars impel us to seek freedom: freeing yourself to be yourself is paramount. The urge to shed whatever binds you is overwhelmingly powerful…the forces of disturbance that mark 2017 can help you release what you don’t need.

Snapshot of 2017 as a Collective Experience:Things fall apart, the center does not hold”…the unexpected hastens what’s falling apart. In the U.S., first there’s the new administration’s big power grab; then, lack of unity has consequences, and things don’t hang together. Tremendous covert operations and corrupt activities are revealed.

I’ve read ancient prophecies foretelling the decline of future civilizations, and they usually begin with a statement about power getting into the wrong hands. The U.S. president elect brags about assaulting women, makes fun of disabled people, and actively discourages a free press. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out like it’s likely to.

Various divining techniques show that the country “takes a fall”. We are divided, and we don’t yet have a way to get back together. The United States is more of a dangerous place and a target.

It’s likely that cutting out the established power in Washington will bring some positive developments. However, my Speaking Stones emphasize how the true power players in the new Washington have their hidden power-grabbing agenda they are allegiant to, and can’t be swayed. Much will be hidden from the public. The collective sentiment can grow into: “We’re going to have to take the power back!” Worldwide, “power” is a big issue this year.

Billionaires may come through with a lot of gifts, helping to educate Americans. At this time there is a kind of veil over the future in regards to what to expect. Changes wrought seem to disrupt peoples’ money flow.

NATURE: Nature suffers big losses beginning now…loss of species, habitat, protection, etc. Also, Native Americans are vulnerable because of new state or federal policies.

NEW WEATHER DISTURBANCE? I’m not sure what this is but it came through in a drawing when I was asking for relevant info about the year. It was a natural phenomenon that involves winds and water, and changes environmental conditions in the future. It felt like something coming back to bite us. I drew a circular pattern of “winds” like trade winds, which create some disturbance in the tides or seas, and this looping-back dynamic affects winds and ultimately impacts people.


As an omen for the New Year, it doesn’t get any more striking than early January’s Sun conjunct Pluto. On a personal level, now the deepest, darkest roadblocks to change can finally begin to dissolve in the heat and the need for change. The cosmic forces are intense that guide our transformation. But hang in there, Sun conjunct Pluto also connects us to the light; it’s associated with the process of bringing the dark into the light, and allowing love to grow. A lot of healing and vibrant creative expressions go on in 2017, as the Self is freed to love again.

As an influence on societies and governments, Sun conjunct Pluto can bring out the dark side: bloody revolts, terrorism, racism, hate crimes…the usual suspects when people are willing to be a channel for the negative thought forms our collective consciousness produces. Expect outbursts of ugly behavior, and keep the focus on creating an alternative.

The New Moon Solar Eclipses of February 26th and August 21st, 2017: Mars is conjunct Uranus the day of February’s eclipse. This can bring sudden upsets that impact society, as well as sudden breakthroughs. Be careful out in the world, people can act recklessly and be self-centered.

How to work with the eclipse energy personally: In the right hands, these planetary energies are potent game-changers. Tremendous innovations and technological breakthroughs are possible this year, and creative people will be particularly energized under this new moon’s influence. You can use this energy to throw yourself into a challenging project that’s got your name on it when all is said and done. Expect creative breakthroughs when you direct your energy at a positive goal.

The August 21 new moon solar eclipse will literally make the day dark in parts of the United States. The news could be dramatic. Whatever direction things are going, the speed of change ramps up. The eclipse happens near Regulus, a star associated with governments and leaders, and an omen of change in leadership.

Personally: In Leo, this eclipse is like a burst of energy from the stars that empowers the creative self. Opportunities can now come to you and lift you up, especially if you have been laying the groundwork for what you want to do.[/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]

Tarot Card Meanings: Predicting Your Trip

Before I take off for somewhere, I often do a three card cut to get a “trip omen.” Over the years I’ve noticed that certain tarot cards show up when, for instance, I’m going to miss the plane or the connecting flight. Tarot cards are quick to point out some bummer up ahead.

However, a common phenomenon with the tarot is that it reacts to immediate circumstances that obliterate the more relevant long-term results of what you are asking about. Anything that causes a strong emotional reaction can loom large in a tarot reading.

“How is my vacation going to go? ” can look pretty disappointing if in the first 24 hours, the jolly vacationer missed their connecting flight, then missed some event they were due at, etc. It helps to look at which cards fall on which placement on the divinatory map (the layout), to know what trip difficulties the cards are pointing out. Accurate tarot card reading is a combination of intuition, and understanding the properties of the four elements and natural phenomena each card relates to, in combination with where the card falls on the map.

It’s especially unnerving to look at an unsettling tarot card layout about transportation. Recently, I had a clarifying personal experience about the sometimes trigger-happy reaction of tarot cards to an upcoming event. I saw this in action when I picked my brother up at the airport the other day. Cutting the cards on his flight, it looked like he wasn’t going to get here! The 3 of Swords was in Earth, a final comment that can mean: “…the plan you expect to be carried out, is not.” (More detailed discussion on post about “scary tarot cards” here. )

But my brother arrived just fine, and on time. What was the tarot picking up on?

Here’s what it most likely was: My brother had a circuitous route to Santa Fe, that brought him to St. Louis, Mo. , then Las Vegas, Nevada, and then New Mexico. Perhaps because he can be an absent-minded professor engrossed in his work (www.geneheyman.com), the details that New Mexico was the last stop didn’t register, and he was shocked at first that the plane was headed to Las Vegas. Have you ever thought something was wrong about your flight while you are actually on the plane? It causes a very big adrenalin rush.

I believe those brief but disruptive emotions caused the cluster of distressing Air cards that reflected his flight. (air= the mental plane, your thoughts) You always have to look at what element the trouble is showing up in: if it’s in air, it can be simply anxiety that doesn’t turn out to be based on reality, like a nightmare.

Leaving New Mexico a few days later, I knew my brother would make his departure flight, even though it was a close call because we were late, and I dropped him off outside the airport moments before the plane began to board. I knew he made it through security and to the gate because the tarot characterized his trip with two sixes. Six is ruled by the Sun, and in fire (action) it showed the successful action of getting to the airport, i.e. driving like a bat out of hell. As a conclusion card, Six in water (environment, emotions) showed he’d be successful in both meeting and reuniting with people; in other words, successfully getting where he was going and happily reuniting with his party. (For details on what success looks like on the tarot, click here.)