The U.S. and North Korea: New Psychic Predictions About Nuclear Threat

I noticed a lot of people looked up my April 26th North Korea prediction post … I also noticed there’s quite a few articles about the Revelations September 23rd doomsday date circulating on the web, so it’s time for an update on U.S.- North Korea relationship.

(Re the first post to recap, I was driving down the highway from Santa Fe, forced to go to the Gap in Albuquerque to return clothes because Amazon and no more brick and mortar stores. I amused myself by doing the tarot while steering with my elbows, and asking very exciting questions. I wrote that I would never publish again predictions that came out of such past times…big questions deserve focus and stable ground!)

This is what I could have missed in my interpretations: how one can mistake a dramatic current circumstance or about-to-be event for how things are going to turn out ultimately. When I asked about North Korea and the U.S., it happened that North Korea and the Trump administration were in secret back-channel talks to work things out and be friends. On the tarot, this made them look like they were trying to negotiate and create a good relationship, and I wrote: “ Nothing to worry about vis a vis North Korea and the U.S., it is going to end well or better than expected between the two places; war is a non-starter, not what the outcome is of current interactions.”

Now on today September 18th, I’m going to lay out two divinations, asking for any insight about the relationship between the United States and North Korea. If something’s about to get blown up, it’ll show:

Nope, still don’t see it. On the tarot, it looks like the overarching principle despite this week’s escalation is “partnership”, working it out, and creating stability. The Speaking Stones reveal how obsolete it is to be an isolated country…it sputters and goes nowhere without connection. They only pose threats.

Full disclosure: There was a mention of the U.S. being attacked or being a target in the January 2017 divinations I did for the year ahead. It showed arrows hitting the U.S. – I chose to interpret it then for my newsletter as being a “target”, rather than an actual bomb attack. I remember drawing the picture and when I did it, it did feel like there could be an actual attack of some sort. But in our elections process, the country was attacked in many states, and it’s mostly now 2017 that the evidence is coming out.