Donald Trump’s Fate and NEW 2023 Psychic Predictions

Dear Friends,

The psychic pictographs are off the table for a couple of months as my writing hand is in a cast; this article is brought to you from Microsoft’s neat feature of voice to text. Here are some messages from a divination system I can use one handed…

Spring predictions from a May 20th  blog post , and PS, I wonder if the dark horse candidate predicted in the US is Barack Obama as vice president. I saw a post about it yesterday, that it was constitutionally possible. Before the loss to  E. Jean Carrol, I tweeted how Donald Trump was going to be taken out of the race by really bad outcomes, and that a few men wanting to stay in power were fashioning a new candidate to take his place. I thought that was going to be the dark horse candidate, on the Republican side. A Biden/Obama ticket would win, or at least according to the Speaking Stones, leaders who had experience in getting things done and could assume responsibility, were solidly ahead.

Donald Trump, according to the Speaking Stones, is not going to be in any role that he has already been in… meaning no presidential office or even being a candidate until the election. There is news dropping in August that really has a negative effect on him. There is some criminal activity involving land and property that is his particular downfall.

It shows that there were men who were going to betray him and that this would be the foundation and cornerstone for his completely different situation in the future…now his fate is unfolding and the surprises are not to the upside. There is a great deal that he gets away with, but his criminal activity and dirty deals are so staggering that it doesn’t matter, they are still his downfall. His wife leaves him.

The Republican Party: there is some thought on the part of Republican strategists to let younger people choose who they want to lead the party. Communication is fast and  furious among party strategists because they know what kind of trouble they’re in. They need a candidate people can trust who is a family person, and who appeals to younger voters.

The Debt Ceiling: Both parties agree on the bottom line being that the US economy needs a foundation; it will be worked out without the US defaulting. The people will lose, as government supports will be taken away in the bargaining process.

Creativity in Spring 2023: It is a very fertile spring and creative time for people if  if in some way large or small, they leave out the past. That’s the key since somewhere they need to be leaving out a way they’ve done things, or with whom,  et cetera. New  projects generally need to begin with a clearing out of the past.

Recession and the stock market in 2023: it looked as if things could continue to go up until August and then a fall, and at the end of the year they start going back up again. So much attention is given to the markets when what truly matters is that land and water is getting poisoned in many places all over the world.

2024 U.S. election:  There is a dark horse candidate… a male president is elected in 2024 (Biden), although there can be a change involving a woman. There’s a big focus on education coming from the Democrats, as well as what makes life nice for families. The Republican Party kind of blows up as the newer and the older cannot be contained in the same form. In a few years people will be talking about integrity and truth like never before, and very concerned with what’s real and who’s real and who is not.

Mercury Retrograde, Spring Eclipse Season, and Psychic Horoscopes for May 2023

Pictograph Explication: The May 2023 pictograph suggests that the month is packed with diverse and contradictory experiences, everything is happening at once and not suggesting an obvious direction things are ultimately going. .

The pictograph predicts volcanoes, significant storms and also still solar interference; explosions that I assume are man-made as in warfare. Something from Nature that’s invasive and enters the body like a virus, (or like the bird flu adapting?) establishes itself; we should stay alert to new health threats .

It is very difficult to tell which way the wind is blowing, if the economy is up or down, if the planet is getting sicker or healthier, if democracy or autocracy is winning. On the positive side, the red arrow suggests not just an escalation of Mars-themed activities like war, but that many people find the courage to strike out on their own to do something exciting, unique, and empowering with their lives, especially the earth signs. Water signs can have creative breakthroughs, too. Also, the stock market could rally again. (But the Gemini Sun “mixed signals” comment and because Mercury is retrograde, it would be nothing to trust. Especially since it’s at the bottom of the pictograph, representing the foundation.)

The following messages for individuals are a welcome contrast from ongoing mass upheavals: people can be excited and creative and feeling like it’s a fabulous time in their lives,

May 2023 is the ultimate mixed bag, when despite the chaos around us, people can develop healthier more positive egos, are blessed with great new ideas, and a “you can do it!” attitude.

Flying along with the spirit of positive energy means ignoring a lot! If you’re a creative person, indulge in the new, and experiment with new models and formats.

Mercury rx April 21-May 14th: For all zodiac signs, the simple Mercury retrograde message is, “Fix things before proceeding.” Get forms filled out, finish filing, get things in order before losing yourself in what’s next.

Meanwhile, try to not whine about anything or lament how things are out loud…what to leave behind in your conversation and thoughts as you go about fixing things, is whatever happened that got you here.

Last week of April 2023: It can be wild in a good way! Whether you’re putting together a business plan or a work of art or redesigning your life, find a way to creatively inspire yourself. Make the most of the night! But stay alert to your surroundings, look both ways before crossing.

Success In May 2023: Personal growth, self-expression and creativity are highlighted, and setting yourself up for The Big Time.

You can find or cooperate with supportive structures that help you take the next step professionally.

This eclipse season runs from the new moon solar eclipse on April 19 to the full moon lunar eclipse May 5th. This in-between time is perfect for activities such as preparing foundations, fixing existing circumstances, and doing the practical things that need doing, especially if you don’t know what comes next.

This is a good month to only be in competition with yourself: getting healthier, achieving personal goals, and trying to do better. The stars suggest you could really get into it with others if you into a competition or conflict with others while Mars is in Leo. Living well and being at peace is the best revenge. Tempers can flare towards the end of the month, even though it’s also a good time for collaborations and to ask for funding. Smile a lot!

At the months’ end, you can see new things that need amending or clearing out, and what needs to be switched up or scrubbed entirely. The end of the month also has kind of a jolting atmosphere to it, and people have already been up and down and all over the place lately about the direction of the world, the economy, and the health of the planet. Daily soothings, daily fun, walk in Nature, pet the pets… get through any jitters by being good to yourself. Get up and stretch more often.

Many new and creative projects are begun in May 2023. Don’t take anything that falls away in the process as a loss. It’s a making-space move, and frees you to more successfully pursue your personal goals.

Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Fire, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: For those in business, keep on going with the moneymaking, branching out,  marketing, and outreach activities. Success is fairly guaranteed if you’ve already started and it’s looking good. Keep steady, stay sober, and get successful.

Air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: You could get lost in flights of fancy… you have to consider every possibility. Don’t think something can’t happen because you don’t want it to. Be prepared and make back-up plans.

Water, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: Expect magic and the unexpected, and to be influenced by new environments. Staying on an even keel, however, is not so easy, and not because of you, but because normal sources of support and surrounding circumstances are different this month. Take it easy. Try not to mind anything…practice checking out like a Zen master.

Earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Look forward to a very creative, adventurous, fun month, and likely projects begun now are just right for you. You’re in your element, or designing your life so you get to be in your element. Crazy things happen! Enjoy adventures with others.

Memories of Peaceful Times in an Ancient Bohemian Life


A bohemian lifestyle has always attracted me. Growing up in Mill Valley, California in the ‘60’s, there were beatniks, then hippies, and poets and artists and musicians with their parties and hangouts.

The other day, I had a flashback about a past life in ancient Greece, or at least I was transported there in my imagination – another bohemian life when I used my psychic and creative abilities, but differently than now, and in what seemed like a much freer time. The memory first came like a poem:

On the Greek Islands long ago, I sang a song in front of gathering crowds

of people young and old, ready for new love, and they began to sing, too

About how all was well, within and without!

When Greece was so full of pleasure,

Plums, apricots, dates… the blossoming almond trees. The donkeys laden with their burdens, climbing high above the sparkling sea.

The firelight conversations and late-night trysts.

Love and life bloomed and died, and without much interruption for a long time.

That time I sang love songs in ancient Greece, that time of peace, so alive and mysterious, when our voices reached the heavens.”

In this Greek past life, when I was not working with a group, I worked with people individually who wanted to attract a love interest – that was the usual  request– but another request was for their own healing.

How did it work? One thing I did was to sing their “heart song”, the tones of their essence. According to the principles of harmony, it activated healing, and an awareness of their creative potential. It opened their heart center. They could feel their inner warmth and fire. If it were directed to someone else, and the person they wanted to attract resonated with the tones and harmonies, the desired one would be subliminally attracted. It was clean work (not coercive) based on harmonics and its principles.

Another art that went into the songs was knowledge of the stars and when the songs should be sung.

Among the bohemian set, there were many unique creative performers, and there seemed to be a lot less rules.

What made the spirit of creativity so strong then?  It was some place and some point when collaboration and cooperation were the norm, and harmony as a power was respected – a peaceful time.  Diversity was allowed – there was no emphasis on who was right or wrong. Life seemed full of intrigue and magic.

Was this a real place? I don’t know, but it was fun to visit for a few moments!


Elissa’s Spring 2023 Newsletter with April Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

This is the second set of messages I’ve gotten about March and Spring 2023 –such a fast-moving, changing time that it’s called for twice the number of horoscopes! (For those who only read the newsletter, the first March/Spring 2023 posts with horoscopes are at

I hope the Aries Spring energy is invigorating you, and if not, it should come on pretty soon.

Speaking of things moving fast and changing, my Hawaii plans got cancelled and a new trip appeared: I’ll be in Manhattan April 15-17th. For anyone wanting an in-person session while I’m there, I have appointments April 14th at the La Quinta Inn Central Park, and April 17th at the Da Vinci Hotel (also near Central Park).

It’s still cold in Santa Fe but Nature is budding and beginning to flower here. I hope you get to witness Spring’s beauty around you, and I hope to see some of you in person, one place or another.

Have a great new beginning this season!

Love, Elissa

Itinerary and contact info: cell/text 505-577-4012 , email

April 14 and 17th: Manhattan, W. 71st and W. 56th St. (Not available in person in Santa Fe April 14-17.)

April 27-May 1st (Not available in person in Santa Fe. I’ll be in New Orleans if anyone wants to get in touch.)

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      Spring Messages from the Stars, a Spell, and April 2023 Psychic Horoscopes

What should we follow this Spring, our head or our heart? There will be struggles… first try using your head to give your heart what it wants. This can bring about unexpected cooperation – the bold “Me, Myself and I” Aries energy enables us to get what we want!

March 25-30, five planets are aligned in the sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and unusually, Uranus – the planet of unpredictability and things going sideways. Around the same time is a powerfully impacting celestial event on society, Pluto entering Aquarius for the next twenty years. Some people refer to this moment as “The Big Shift” , prophesied to raise the collective consciousness to a higher vibration and a more connected state.

The message I get from the planets, especially Pluto going retrograde right at the outset of its decades-long stay in Aquarius, is that society is likely to learn a big lesson from disrupter Pluto and tech-rep Aquarius about artificial intelligence. We’re likely to learn the hard way that technology doesn’t bring about a rise in consciousness, it must come from a collective rise in our values. Meanwhile, the subversive language AI creates reaches new levels of sophistication, an unpredictable influence in a lawless time . The breaking down of society’s frameworks can also spawn new religions and new philosophies.

This Spring is somewhat like Spring 2003 in energy, when the Iraq war began – another a war-torn time when people in collective trances do their worst.

Thankfully these same powerful planetary forces help a motivated individual to move on from the past, and move into new views and senses of self.

Spring Spell: For individuals, the beginning of the astrological new year promises rich experiences and greater personal fulfillment. It’s the right time to pursue imaginative, creative projects.

To boost its potential, try this quick magic spell on yourself called, “Seed the Universe”.  It’s inspired by the New Moon-Mercury conjunction in effect now, a good time to get things rolling as communication flows, change happens easily, and plans come together fast.

Do this outside if possible. If inside, try to have a window or door open to the outside.

To begin, let your mind wander to something that makes you comfortable (taking a bath; lounging in bed?), and that you enjoy..

Then think about something you want for yourself now, some desired circumstance or development.

1.Get it in your mind in a sentence.

2.Let your imagination produce an image of it. Make a 2-second mental movie of doing or having that thing.

3. Now quickly hold your breath while you keep focused what you’re seeing: a scene in which you’ve got what you want.

4.When you are ready to exhale, blow it all out into the world.

When you try this, it’s easy to imagine and feel the connection between the imagery you’re viewing mentally, and the breath you’re holding in your lungs. The trapped air becomes impregnated with your thoughts. The atmosphere you just purposed and blew out into the atmosphere is now connected with the field of infinite possibilities. You have successfully Seeded the Universe!

March Ends Restlessly: The stars suggest people will get a case of Spring fever and want to satisfy their curiosity for what’s new and different. Attention also turns to one’s body and getting in shape, and desires for a new image. Challenge yourself physically to get stronger and stay limber. Throw out old clothes that you no longer belong in.

 April 2023 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fie, Water, Air and Earth signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

The fire signs: Aries Leo and Sagittarius in April 2023: The bold Aries new moon energy is meant to enable you to take action, action, action… and not debate, debate, debate.” Do It” to find out if you can do it. There is also a shift in Fire signs where a gentler and more caring side of their nature comes out, and in general the trend is an elevation in their consciousness. This Spring there’s a lot of coming and going and choosing between many options; you could make good money, or pay money to learn to make money! It’s a busy, industrious season, with some peak experiences. It’s intense but in a positive way.\! Expect the best, and be open to new ways of doing things professionally in April.. . it’s a creative month of discoveries!

The water signs : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in April 2023: You’re kind of moody in early Spring. Partly because of the stress of fast-changing circumstances – but they keep on moving so don’t worry about any one point. Make it your goal to be guided by your intent, and make it your intention to relax! There could be a disturbance in your plans that you become aware of, that does not have to do with you but still makes your future uncertain. Whatever difficulty you’re passing through, know and expect that a difficult phase can change into a better-than-ever one. Don’t fight the circumstances, meanwhile.

The air signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius in April 2023: You might be on fire with new ideas…settle on doing the most practical and pragmatic ones. it’s hard to see now what the universe means for you to experience and why. It’s hard to see just how it is you advance. But you do get into a better and freer position – and a trip you’re taking may have something to do with it, although you wouldn’t know at the time. It reveals itself in a few months, and it is the opening of some kind of help that enables you to expand.

The earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in April 2023: For some reason, news of the stock market came in with your message, and although it’s massively up today, it looks like it goes down again this Spring. A lot is changing, coming, going, and growing in your life. It can be clear that some dreams you’ve had or rolls you’ve been on are over with, that a life you’ve led is finishing up this April, and there’s a lot of new unexplored territory in front of you. These changes are based on knowing yourself better, and realizing which dreams are from another time. Releasing leads to re-charging.