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To inquire about my immediate availability, or to make an appointment:

Office phone: 505-982-3294

Text/cell phone: 505-577-4012


In person sessions in Santa Fe, NM using a debit or credit Visa/MC

55 minutes $180

40 minutes $155

25 minutes $105

$5 less paying by cash in Santa Fe: $175; $150; $100

You are welcome to record the session with your phone or recording device. I start talking right away, so please know how to record on your device. I make a recording of the session as well. An MP3 of any session sent to your email is $10. Mp3s are complimentary for non-native English speakers.

Price by Telephone using a debit or credit Visa/MC

55 minutes $180

40 minutes $155

25 minutes/the minimum $105


227 E. Palace Avenue Suite T, Santa Fe New Mexico 87501

Landmark: Across from the Drury Hotel

Suite T North (office) and Suite T South (waiting room) are on the 2nd floor.

Free off-street parking: Lot entrance is on Cienaga, the one way street off E. Palace one block west, closer to the plaza. The lot entrance is right in front of a big scary RESTRICTED sign. Take a right into the lot, and park in any T unit parking space in the parking lot. “T” parking spaces have a small rectangular white sign in front of them, with the letter “T” in black. The “T” unit parking space in front and to the left of the building directory is reserved for clients. If it’s taken, there are two more to your left.

Getting upstairs: From the parking lot: In front of the first office directory you see, walk to the right through the breezeway towards E. Palace. There you’ll see a second office directory on your right, and next to it is the door to upstairs.

The sign on the door to upstairs says “P through V”.

If you’re walking in from East Palace, the upstairs door is to the left of the black filigree gate.

Once you’re upstairs, my waiting room and office are to the left, and bathrooms are across the hall.

IF YOU ARRIVE AND THE DOWNSTAIRS DOOR IS LOCKED, I have not forgotten we have an appointment. Please check to see if you have arrived early. That is the most likely reason the door is locked, and I’ll be arriving a few minutes before our session, or be down shortly to unlock the door. If you need to call me or text, however, I’ll be at 505-577-4012.


Office: My office is 1 ½ blocks east of the plaza, across from the Drury Hotel. 227 E. Palace, Suite T, the Kruger Building, Santa Fe 87501.

Off-street parking in the back. Entrance to private parking lot is on Cienega which is one way off East Palace. Lot entrance on right just a few yards after turning on to Cienega.

Please park in a T parking space in front a little to the left. (There are two other T spaces farther away.)

Walk through the breezeway towards East Palace and the iron filigree gate. Then go up the stairs: the stairs sign says: P Thru V. Take a left at top of stairs for Suite T.