Daily Inspiration

On the island of Molokai in Hawaii I used to watch a group of men get ready for a day in the fields. Every morning one would bring a big bowl of cut-up fruit from the nearby banana and mango trees. Another brought some marijuana for a ceremonial bong hit as they stood in a circle, and then one of them would kick off a raucous half-hour game of hacky sack. Much laughter was had, then off to a day of work.

The similarity between people who get up in the morning and play in paradise and most of us getting up and going to work is that we all want inspiration to meet the day. We all hope to have a good day and seek the motivation and strength to meet its challenges.

Through personal discovery we each learn what can inspire us or energize us to do a good job. Some activities and beliefs endure, but most come and go as different teachings and practices appeal to our changing appetites for inspiration.

No matter what daily-ish practices I currently turn to for energy and motivation, they all include some simple process to receive helpful messages from my intuition.

The general protocol is to release the past, get present and mentally engaged with goals that inspire me, ask for guidance, and get into a listening, receptive state.

When our morning routine repeatedly reminds us that “It’s a New Day” we reinforce our belief in the basic understanding that people can change, and that’s a powerful source of inspiration.

Finally, an evening routine can make for a better tomorrow, especially if you’re feeling down. Review only what you accomplished since you got up, big or small.  The habit of framing the day in terms of what you learned and what you achieved, helps you look forward to doing it all over again after a good night’s sleep.