Professional Success and Staying Cool in Summer 2024

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Manifesting and Staying Cool this Summer

On the Summer Solstice, I got some psychic messages about Summer 2024. One was a fix for its potential to get irritated, and the other is guidance about professional success:

Staying Cool this Summer: If it’s not happening on your kitchen table and doesn’t directly impact you, the way to enjoy this summer is to pay as little attention as possible to how other people are conducting their lives.  Let everybody live their life and do their thing and go about their business. Why this message? Because people can be easily inflamed and reactionary now. “Think before you speak!”

Manifesting Support for Professionals Summer 2024: This is a time to be carrying forward what you’ve established. It’s not a time to go off the path and be experimental, but to be practical and build on your foundation. Consider things a work in progress, and be aware of your goals to be more of an authority, and in a role you want to master.