June 2024 and Hope for Peace in Gaza

Peace in May 2024

I found these messages clearing out my recorder about June 2024, and thought to share them. Interestingly, I have no recollection of thinking these things, i.e. a “scientific breakthrough with big implications” , but I’m glad for this second hopeful mention about peace.

I thought my May 2024 pictograph was simply wrong about “Peace in May” until May 31st, when the President announced a cease-fire plan. Even though it was not accepted at first, personally I am heartened by the fact that it showed up as “peace” in a pictograph.

June 2024

A scientific breakthrough with big implications having to do with very basic building blocks of life.  A new knowledge  of some kind.

The weather is very, very hot.

The world is a safer place and the pressure about the war in Gaza may be off.