Daily Inspiration

On the island of Molokai in Hawaii I used to watch a group of men get ready for a day in the fields. Every morning one would bring a big bowl of cut-up fruit from the nearby banana and mango trees. Another brought some marijuana for a ceremonial bong hit as they stood in a circle, and then one of them would kick off a raucous half-hour game of hacky sack. Much laughter was had, then off to a day of work.

The similarity between people who get up in the morning and play in paradise and most of us getting up and going to work is that we all want inspiration to meet the day. We all hope to have a good day and seek the motivation and strength to meet its challenges.

Through personal discovery we each learn what can inspire us or energize us to do a good job. Some activities and beliefs endure, but most come and go as different teachings and practices appeal to our changing appetites for inspiration.

No matter what daily-ish practices I currently turn to for energy and motivation, they all include some simple process to receive helpful messages from my intuition.

The general protocol is to release the past, get present and mentally engaged with goals that inspire me, ask for guidance, and get into a listening, receptive state.

When our morning routine repeatedly reminds us that “It’s a New Day” we reinforce our belief in the basic understanding that people can change, and that’s a powerful source of inspiration.

Finally, an evening routine can make for a better tomorrow, especially if you’re feeling down. Review only what you accomplished since you got up, big or small.  The habit of framing the day in terms of what you learned and what you achieved, helps you look forward to doing it all over again after a good night’s sleep.

Divination and Tarot Reading

People all over the globe for centuries have been interested in two inter-related  things: what’s the best way to live in this world, and what’s going to happen in the future?

Throughout history,  cultures have turned to divination for answers. What’s in their best interest to do?  What are the consequences of their actions?

People have invented complex systems to divine what’s best and when: The Mayan Calendar, the I Ching, the Tarot, astrology, and many more.

Divination systems have symbols associated with phenomena in nature. The diviner learns the associations, and can tell what’s going to happen by the pattern the symbols make.

Tarot cards powerfully stimulate the intuition. Each one is also keyed to different phenomena in nature: elements, planets, colors, etc. If the diviner knows the correspondences, the cards, laid out in a pattern that makes relational sense to the reader, act like an ignition key that turns on their intuitive intelligence.  Working together, the intuition and the imagination can make the jump from staring at pieces of paper to reading a detailed map.

No matter what the method of divination, if you want to read for other people or divine about world events, first raise your own vibration. Soothe your own self with the wisdom and truth you can receive when you ask. That is a good starting place from which to read for other people.

The Tarot History I Learned from my Metaphysical Teacher

I learned from medium and metaphysician Eric Teissedre that the original tarot was used in ancient temples as a tool to know Divine Will. The priests didn’t ask the early tarot specific questions like a client might ask. ( i.e., “What about getting a Master’s degree?” They asked the gods to speak to them through the cards, and give the message they needed to hear. However old the tarot cards are and wherever they came from, they are to this day, an instant way to receive divine wisdom.

As a divination system, tarot cards are magical, practical, and anybody can use them. They can look into the past, see the very big picture; warn, state the truth of a situation, bring divine insight, and see the consequences of an action a person is thinking of taking.  One of its most intriguing mysteries I witness daily, is that people with no experience can accurately tell a story about themselves through the cards. The tarot brings can bring out most peoples’ inner knowing.

In October 2010 I spent a week researching tarot history at the Widener Library at Harvard. I was curious what scholars thought about the tarot and people who studied it.

The library holds a vast store of metaphysical books in its basement,  three floors down. The tarot histories I found there traced its beginnings to France in the 1400’s, although none were conclusive about its origins and use.

I’m much more inspired by the origin story that Eric taught, in which the cards’ symbols were encoded with ancient wisdom acquired by the Egyptians. Tarot card precursors were like tablets with symbols that were encoded knowledge on them,  used in temples to commune with the gods, and gain wisdom and truth.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different tarot decks. I use the Rider- Waite deck because its colors and symbols relate to planets, elements, and other phenomena in nature, allowing the cards to describe circumstances that occur in nature.

Professional Success and Staying Cool in Summer 2024

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Manifesting and Staying Cool this Summer

On the Summer Solstice, I got some psychic messages about Summer 2024. One was a fix for its potential to get irritated, and the other is guidance about professional success:

Staying Cool this Summer: If it’s not happening on your kitchen table and doesn’t directly impact you, the way to enjoy this summer is to pay as little attention as possible to how other people are conducting their lives.  Let everybody live their life and do their thing and go about their business. Why this message? Because people can be easily inflamed and reactionary now. “Think before you speak!”

Manifesting Support for Professionals Summer 2024: This is a time to be carrying forward what you’ve established. It’s not a time to go off the path and be experimental, but to be practical and build on your foundation. Consider things a work in progress, and be aware of your goals to be more of an authority, and in a role you want to master.

Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans 7:30 pm Tonight on the Plaza in Santa Fe NM

NEW ORLEANS, LA – APRIL 22: The Hot 8 Brass Band performs on stage at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival at Fair Grounds Race Course on April 22, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Josh Brasted/WireImage)

A great opportunity to hear what JazzFest and New Orleans is all about!

Soriba Fofana entertains at 6:50 pm with West African drumming and dancing…two world class acts to celebrate Juneteenth, and all the entertainment is free… here’s an excerpt from my June newsletter about what’s poppin’ on the Plaza:

Dear Friends,

I’m feeling particularly lucky to live in Santa Fe this Summer, there are so many festivities! An awesome Juneteenth celebration on the Plaza kicks things off on the 15th, 3-9pm, headlined by  New Orleans’ own Hot 8 Brass Band. Bring your dancing shoes!

I’m also very happy with the ever-improving food offerings within walking distance of my Palace Ave. office. Lately I go to the  Burrito Company for their tasty small plate menu. I love the mushroom and cheese-filled street tacos – they also have the best horchata in town.

I hope your plans for this summer bring you exciting and wonderful experiences! You’ll be sure to have some if you’re coming this way – I can tell Santa Fe is really aiming to please this season.  I’m going to be right here enjoying all it’s got to offer, and gratefully, a lot of it is free.

Coming up for locals and visitors alike, I’ve added some new drop-in events as well as the three day Santa Fe Intuition Workshop in October. I hope to see some of you here!