Psychic Horoscopes for June 2024

Uxmal in the Yucatan

I occasionally try new divination methods, and this “puro psychic” one came to me the other day when I went out to get messages for the coming month, June 2024.

I went to a place in nature near me where a lot of people leave offerings, and got a stick to strike a beat in the ground.   I kept up the beat as I focused on each element (fire, water, air, earth) , not stopping until I had all the information. This method was using rhythm to maintain my focus and receptive consciousness, as one by one, I brought to mind the different elements and the astrological signs they rule. This is what I got:

About June out in the world: A lot of broken parts, a lot of rubble. For individuals and collectives, in different ways and of different magnitudes, order is quite broken up in June.

Fire, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: You care about your connection with the spiritual world more than usual…you’re more focused on it. There can be reparations that need to be made in different ways to stabilize your finances and whatever it is that secures you. Decisions about it and perhaps changing arrangements feel imminent. Just make sure it feels in your guts like you’re doing the right thing, backed up by evidence –  as much as there is which may not be a lot. New opportunity shows up in September…good luck!

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces:You want to dig deeper. Your emotional nature is in an investigating and exploring phase.  It’s a good time to delve deep into mysterious subjects. Being aware of other people and their inner dynamics is helpful and healing for you. In the material world, it’s time to take care of all loose ends and arrangements you need to make; financial docs in order, etc.

Air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Big changes ahead! New frontiers, and also new battles to fight. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Make a schedule about self=care so it’s included – it’s easy to let healthy routines slide! Make sure to keep appointments with yourself – nobody is more important.

Earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Are you getting tired of doing the same thing? Schedule something impromptu!. Being someone who is aware of your surroundings, it’s very helpful to put yourself in beautiful environments. It helps with your mood, your productivity, your imagination, and your love for life. Indulge in nature! If you’re trying to start a business, it’s slow going but business activity picks  up the last couple of weeks in June.

Tag: Elissa Heyman is a psychic counselor and healer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in professional practice since 1979. She works from her Plaza area office with both groups and individuals, and consults by phone with clients anywhere. For booking information or to read Elissa’s monthly prediction and psychic guidance newsletter, please visit or call 505-982-3294. New: 3 day intuition workshop, October 12-14.

Psychic Astrology for Entrepreneurs – May 17th Opportunity

Show and Tell Pluto

May 2024 Opportunities and Error Reveal Season

Pluto is retrograde from the beginning of May until mid-October, so if there’s something not working about how you do business, you will be shown that.  If something in your life is in a state of weakening disorder, its unsustainability will be revealed.

For instance, the day it went retrograde, it came to my panicky attention that I got the starting time wrong for an intuition workshop for eleven people. Depending on peoples’ schedules, getting the time wrong could cancel the whole gig and ruin everyone’s day. I was very lucky it was not a disaster, and very psychic once I got there!

All the things that had to change about how I do business occurred to me on the way to their vacation rental. Pluto retrograde is good for in-your-face experiences with what’s the matter with you, and what needs to be re-created.

Entrepreneurs have to feel their way along when they make changes to their business and what people have come to expect. I made one business change this year that took a very long time make: a price increase on sessions. Inflation was the main impetus. Finally I asked a client what would work for her. She could understand “inflation” and go for raising the price $10 on each session length, but not 10%, for instance.  That’s fine, because as an entrepreneur with some hard-earned self-knowledge, I will always take the simplest route in business  It’s less risky to go by a client’s reaction than any calculation about how  much I need to keep up with inflation.

Psychic Astrology Tip: There is an auspicious day right around the corner, May 17th, when the planets align are activated in a way that promotes the manifesting of dreams and desires. The moon trines first Venus, then Uranus, the Sun, and Jupiter. A stellar day to dream about creating a positive future! (The following days are good, too, if you miss it.) You might spontaneously make your biggest wishes even bigger!



May 2024 Psychic Pictograph Predicts Peace

Dear Friends,

The season of events is upon northern New Mexico again…I think of it as kicking off with the giant powwow down in Albuquerque in April, the Gathering of Nations. It is an excellent place to shop, too, for things like beautiful handmade moccasins,  but I usually miss it, because it’s always on the last weekend in April, which is the first weekend of Jazzfest in New Orleans.

Which is where I was when I did the May pictograph.  At Jazzfest, the stars were right and the singers and musicians were passionate – the music was spine-tingling and I felt the healing power of music like never before.

One group in the Gospel Tent felt life-changing, like a different chakra got cleared out with each key change. I’m used to groups singing songs, people clapping, and there being a break between songs. But singer Keyla Richardson took no breaks:  it was just one continuous but ever-changing, hair-raising  torrent of praise for the whole set. It was cathartic and consciousness-raising… what a fun way to heal people!

I looked Keyla Richardson up online, and she’s already famous at 22 with with Number 1 hits, and has been singing in church since she was five. I’m glad I didn’t know all that, it was so exciting to be stopped in my tracks by her voice while I was walking by.

Besides every wonderful bite of pheasant and andouille sausage gumbo, and all the other JazzFest delicacies, another annual Jazzfest treat is being among thousands of people all having a good time. They are generally listening, eating, talking, laughing, dancing, or passed out on the soft green grass.

In this connected kind of atmosphere, I noticed it was easier to see auras. In the Blues Tent, I sat behind a man probably in his mid-70’s. A few minutes later another man swung in beside him, and sat one seat away. They turned and grinned at each other just as the band started up, and I saw they must be lifelong friends, transforming into  9 year olds grinning at each other, about to have their zillionth good time together.

It was easy to see their auras merge together to create one connected field. What made a big impression on me was how that field felt…it was so nice and safe, so alive and dynamic, but it felt most profoundly, a place of peace.

Have a happy, blossoming, and fragrant May!  Don’t work too hard unless you’re a Capricorn! I hope there’s jasmine in bloom where you are, so intoxicating…that’s another delight about New Orleans in the Spring.

Love, Elissa

Santa Fe Events:  

I’m available for private and group work here in Santa Fe through October.  Please contact Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, 505-982-3294, text 505-577-4012,

Weekend Workshop Coming this Fall: October 12-14th.  Demonstrating and teaching divination techniques, channeling, psychic development, communing with Nature, and self-healing practices. $375/person, for 6-8.  Please  contact me for more information at  (The Santa Fe Society of Artists Outdoor Art Show will be going on across the street at Cathedral Park.)

Elegant New Event in Santa Fe: Native Fashion Week. Its inaugural year event was held just last week, May 2nd-5th, and attended by the New York Times and Vogue magazine.  Santa Fe seems like the perfect host for an event about beauty, culture, and Native America.

May 2024 Psychic Horoscopes – Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

May 2024 Pictograph, “Peace in May” This pictograph has something on it, the grey rectangle on the left, that I didn’t intentionally put there and is no psychic insight of mine, but I don’t know what feature I accidently activated on my Paint program that produced it,  or how to get it off! However, the big news from the pictograph is that peace is declared in May, I assume meaning a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war. It will continue to be a costly, bloody, destructive war until then.

Guidance for Everyone: The secret to success in May is to not bite off more than you can chew, not be swayed by cultural expectations, and be willing to experience new places, new creative mediums, and new people. Live one day at a time, and do at least one thing pleasurable thing each day.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius:  You’ll find new ways to be practical, and to make and save more money. You’re getting organized to expand and reach new people. Be inspired by your own success, and expect more of it! Choice Words: Aries: Resting, and re-doing things right.  Leo: Be proud, but watch your ego or self-importance…it can get triggered. Sagittarius: Ready and excited for what’s next… travel?

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: A new chapter to your life is coming in November. Right now you’re established in some situation that is relatively new, but still you’re ready to be inspired again and to work on something new creatively. First you look at what you’ve accomplished, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. Spring Rx: Let your body lead this month. Does it want to dance or go swimming or be out among people, or alone in nature? Maybe you want to go out on a date! Let love for your body and respect for its needs lead the way.  Choice Words: Cancer: Stay in your comfy world. Scorpio: More determined to find solutions to personal circumstances. Pisces: Happy and relieved!

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: It’s a bumpy month in the search for satisfaction. Whatever is switching up in your life, it’s too much to expect stability to be granted quickly.   Trust your intuition and trust your heart – you don’t need to do anything but that as you contemplate new roles and different choices. Choice Words: Gemini: New plans. Libra:  Zeroing in on security, stability. Aquarius: The re-evaluation of beliefs and motivations.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn:  Your heart might be in a different location, or it’s time to take a break or do something very different. There’s a lot of knowing directly and acting before you know the details, but it looks safe and valuable to head for the unknown.  Let go of needing to know the outcome…rush headlong into goals you have for yourself with action and emotional commitment, and let Nature take care of the rest. Choice Words: Taurus:  Moods: Up and down, up and down! Virgo:  Getting more conservation-minded of your energetic resources and how you spend your time.  Capricorn: Proud of working hard…keep it up!