Spring 2024 Psychic Newsletter Excerpts

Isla Mujeres

Elissa’s Client Psychic Newsletter – April 2024

Dear Friends,

I’m back in Santa Fe after enjoying the  blue-and-green Caribbean, and visiting a lot of impressive ancient ruins left from the Mayan empire.

The powerfully hierarchical and paternal vibes in places like Chichen Itza and Uxmal were still palpable. A super-technical, rule-bound place. It must have been rough being anything but a high-ranking male back then.

Back to 2024, the Yucatan is basically under construction: workers were tearing up the streets near the beach in some places to create a pedestrian-only walkways. More fun for foodie tourists and locals alike! And everywhere, the controversial Maya Train was tearing up the landscape,  creating headlines and protests and opportunity…it’s partially up and running but not yet truly practical to take.  I’m really glad I got to see some beautiful places before the gigantic growth from train traffic overwhelms them.

I swam to my heart’s content on Isla Mujeres and Holbox, and something so nice about island life is how so many people acknowledge nature every day. On Holbox, for example, as sunset approached, the beaches would fill up with people to watch the sun go down, to talk and eat and then fall silent as it sank into the sea, a blazing orange disk disappearing into the dark blue water.

I mainly ate seafood and fruit the whole trip, but I still came back heavier, and that’s after walking all over and swimming in cenotes and the sea. I think it was the multiple horchatas and tamarindos, delicious lemonades and Jamaica flower drinks I had every day. They have way better refreshing drinks in Mexico than here, but by far the popular drink is Coca Cola, available in the most remote places.

Speaking of growing in popularity, I think it’s going to be another bumper crop year of visitors to Santa Fe and New Mexico. I hope to see some of you here…I’ll be in town  the next few months except for April 24th-30th.  (If anyone in New Orleans wants a private in-person session between those dates, please get in touch at cell/text 505-577-4012).

Enjoy nature at its loveliest this Spring, wherever you are, and all the new beginnings the season brings.

A big smile from New Mexico, love,