April 2024 Messages from the Stars



Spring 2024: If Spring were a person, it would anger easily and lash out quickly. Spring 2024 arrives with a rough and ruthless, Jarring kind of energy.  People in power (and corporations-that-are-people-now), want what they want and spurt forward to get it done. (This post was written on the Spring Equinox, March 19th, before I left for the beach. The attack in Russia is an example of the kind of ruthless energy the Spring came in with, and because it happened so close to the “new beginning” that the season symbolizes, it’s likely to not be a one-off incident.)

Individuals aren’t experiencing Spring this way, although if they have anger issues to begin with, look out. Instead, they get a boost of confidence; they get signs they are on the right path; they feel bold and free and willing to explore. On the sobering side, they’re confronted bynew self-awareness of their own limiting behavior, yet have a new strength to handle the truth.  Do you want to know what hidden beliefs  affect your behavior? Now is when you can find out!

Best Actions for a successful early Spring 2024: It’s quite natural to be busy doing little things for yourself – to take care of loose ends and to make life more comfortable, but also to make time for personal pleasure… it’s a self-centered cycle in a healthy way. Be a little indulgent! A carefree attitude works best.

April/May 2024 Psychic Pictograph: Two different events are represented in the black and blue design on the left. One is that people are targeted by weaponized technology; the other is that there are successful experiments in communications out in space and with satellite technology.

The tree represents the importance now of being loving, the strength that comes from being heart-centered, and the sustaining value of  establishing roots and networks. The tree also stands for the resilience of nature, creating new species and ways to cope with life’s challenges.

The May message is that it can be a profitable, fruitful, creative month.  May is a time to get ready for so that you are prepared to focus on the work you want to do.  It can be a very go-with-the flow time of success. It helps to set aside your problems and focus on what’s going right. April Fool’s Day 2024 and Mercury Retrograde (some of these are from previous blog posts).

Mercury retrograde has a bad rep, but this one from  April 1st  until the 25th. might have you experiencing accidental happenings and synergies that turn out to be lucky.  You can do something now, perhaps, that things haven’t lined up to make possible, before now. Whatever is gained now if it agrees with your nature, can stabilize quickly.

Wednesday, April 3rd, sports a perfect environment for wishing big, wishing deep, and allowing your heart and its desires speak to  you.  Empty your mind of other peoples’ business, and let your inner self have the floor…maybe on a walk or a meditation or a mini-vision quest – one previous message about Spring 2024 is that it was psychologically healthy to be occupied with your own well-being now. A good thing to attend to on this day!

New: More Messages from the Stars…

April 8th New Moon Solar Eclipse: Planetary aspects suggest contrary to Mercury retrograde’s reputation to slow things down and create communication snafus, this new moon cycle quickly grants wishes and reveals consequences.

April 19th, Sun enters Taurus, Out in the World: Beginning with the sun entering Taurus, a lot more subterfuge shows up, and ruthless behavior like breaking the rules to get the job done.

April 20th, Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus: It’s On. People were crazy to attack each other living so close by.  A positive manifestation of this conjunction: Innovations and breakthroughs in medicine that greatly benefit mankind.

There is some kind of free-for-all, out-of-bounds circumstance that takes place around now… may the best man win.

Earth Day 2024: Another celebration, no real progress? Let’s hope that’s wrong, but war and natural catastrophes could overshadow innovative steps in the right direction. (If you want to have an uplifting experience in nature without going anywhere and seeing any destruction, feel its beauty in this amazing new poem by Lynne Nardizzi on Medium.

April 23rd, Full Moon in Scorpio: The two week full moon cycle can bring up, or re-introduce you to past relationships and past lives. Also, you can learn more about habits you want to release, and what they’re still doing for you.

April 25th, Mercury goes direct: There is now less debate in your life …go ahead with the attractive unknown if it feels good.

April 28th, Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces: Do not get in a fight. It’s a dangerous time in that people have poor impulse control and tend to act out without considering consequences.

April 29th, Moon trine Uranus, Jupiter: You can see new possibilities for yourself – your mind’s eye can be filling in the blanks about the future, so daydream.

April 30th, End of an Eventful Month:  Even if it were mainly positive, people can feel some sense of relief when this month is over – a lot happens out in the world as well as to each in our individual lives.

The Need for Sanctuary: More people turn to the creation of some kind of personal sanctuary. Downtime is a must! If that’s only possible in your imagination, create a room in your mind, paint it a pleasing color, and relax in there. Let your imagination guide you to add any healing features.

Early Spring  Insights for the Astrological signs

Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

(These messages are produced by my new divination system that came to life a couple of weeks ago on the full moon in Virgo.)

Fire, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Early Spring: It’s playtime, and playtime is serious business, because you need to be playful to see your path right now.  Indulge in what’s fun! With business decisions, hire who and what is officially recognized and reliable rather than the least expensive. Your reputation can grow now as you place yourself in better positions. Spring Tarot: You organize many aspects of your material world, and end up getting not only more for your money, but making more money.

Water, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Early Spring:  It can feel like one kind of life or “you” is receding or fading away.  It’s a pretty moody time yet you can flow with life – the best way to be when things seem to be changing. Meanwhile, your roots are growing stronger, meaning your inner resources.   The stability that benefits you the most but maybe nobody sees, is what is getting stronger now, coming from inner achievement and new inner strength. Spring Tarot: New strength and new spiritual understanding are coming… you are especially together-within-yourself. This is true personal pleasure: the way you can feel about yourself!

Air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Early Spring: There’s a successful path ahead for you although it feels tricky. How you react to things is particularly important now, as if you’re making fateful decisions around whatever comes up. Quite a bit has been set in motion in the last few months, and now you’re seeing the consequences. Choose from your heart, as being whole-hearted in your choice and words brings success. Spring Tarot:  You know what you have to do, and it involves changes in your thinking, and a freer attitude about what you’re able to do in the future. If you’re willing to embrace change, whatever situation you’re trying to get out from under, you can think and act your way out of.

Earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Early Spring: This Spring is truly a new beginning for you. Some significant way in your life, you change places.  Also, you’re able to achieve things that have been hard to change or make happen in the past. You’re going to a state of greater clarity about what your life looks like going forward, or what you can realistically achieve,  or what really pleases you. There is nothing to fear but fear itself: there’s a lot riding on your courage to proceed towards the unknown. Spring Tarot: This is a satisfying, pleasurable, exciting, and bold season for you.  Plus, you’re lucky, you’re strong, and you’re willing to have a good time!