Gretchen Whitmer in the White House Soon?

(Originally posted on LinkedIn January 18th)

“I recently posted many psychic predictions on my blog ( about 2024: food prices rise, Russia weakens…but what I’ve privately fretted about because something is off, is my May 2023 prediction that Biden wins the presidency. The White House stays blue, but is it Biden? The letters of his name in my Biden pictograph go from blue to black and fade to gray, like he fades out; a much earlier blogpost says there is a dark horse Democratic candidate when I expected it to be the Republicans who have a surprise candidate; the Speaking Stones in a May 2023 divination saw some change involving a Democrat female in the upcoming Presidential election.

It’s just been reported that Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a book deal…if she runs or is put in place as a candidate, she’d win two terms as the first female President of the U.S.”

Note: It’s now January 22, 2024, and although Governor Whitmer can be the first female president, it’s more likely she’s Biden’s Vice President first.