2024 U.S. Presidential Election Pictograph Predictions

Political Parties in the Future – January 4,2024

Parties in the Future:  It says of the Democrats: “New power players in Democratic Party, and emerging leaders in Democratic party take it in directions determined by listening to the people.” For the Republicans: “Trump set back the Republicans, but they gain ground over border issues; “Don’t let them in.”

The following pictographs were all done on December 9 2023.


Biden or the Democrats seems to be the winner but he also fades out for some reason; his enemies are like a powerful beast eyeing the democracy; it has overseas accomplices and no principles, and gets its foot in the door.

Democratic Party Election Year 2024

The Democratic Party appears stronger than the Republicans: it has the women and more of the swing or independent voters. The issues of healthcare, abortion, viruses, poor air quality and climate change, help it win.

Republican Party 2024

The Republican Party: More Americans and new groups become interested in the Republican party, but its divided infrastructure isn’t cohesive or substantial enough to win in 2024. Lots of doors close all over the world as repressive governments are installed and laws are strengthened against “the Other”, but the U.S. remains “blue”.

Trump in 2024

Trump in 2024: First Trump is hit with a cascade of trial losses as his circumstances change fast; then he does some jail time but it looks like a relatively light sentence; then he gets a lucky break when it comes to how much money and property he loses; but he ultimately has no future or official role in the country.