Psychic Predictions about Gaza, Elections, the U.S.

More predictions for 2024:

War on Gaza: The killing goes on into January 2024 and then there’s some change and lessening in February 2024. 2024 is still marked by sobering amounts of death and levels of destruction that require completely starting over. The challenge for people is to get above and beyond Who Did What, and be willing to come together to start over – to not need retribution, to be accepting of the destruction people cause, and want to build something else. People would have to be shocked enough by the carnage to want to try working together.

Elections 2024 in the US and abroad will cause doors to close all over the world, where repressive governments are installed,  or laws strengthened against “the Other”. The U.S. appears to remain “blue” though, as in the White House still appears to be in Democrats’ hands.

TechNews 2024: New materials are available in the hotbed of innovation that is 2024, and now with them, systems can be created  that make new technology viable.