The Benefits of Mercury Rx in Virgo, August 23-September 15th

Mercury Rx and Friends

Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, a strong placement for actually taking action on what you know you should do. It’s a favorable time for clarifying, fortifying, and most of all, repairing whatever needs attention and updating.

It’s possible that very long-term unfinished business finally gets tackled.  It’s also a good time to check the state of your car and its needs, and your “means of communication”, i.e. a website that needs refreshing, or a public image that needs to be checked in on and updated.

Mercury Rx in Virgo puts a focus on the state of your mind and well-being. It’s a favorable time to experiment with daily practices and habits that give you pleasant breaks, and a day that doesn’t overtax your nervous system.

By the time August ends, there will be six planets in retrograde. Interestingly, one psychic hit for the coming months is how “the capable bloom this Fall,  and come out with so many good, novel, business ideas.” People who are building a foundation and getting things in order and ship shape, will be ready and rewarded with some bright new ideas!

During retrogrades, sometimes karmic and personal issues come back around to be dealt with. Because the Sun went into Virgo the same day Mercury went retrograde, any personal challenges that reappear now are a sign that healing can take place in those areas. Where people hold themselves back, have low self-confidence, or lack of awareness about their behavior, they can gain deeper self-understanding and new strength. Retrograde planets always indicate a time for progress in personal growth, and clarity about whatever inner journey we are on.

More to come!