Healing Messages from the Stars on July 22nd 2023

Today, the Sun moves into Leo to conjunct Venus going retrograde in Leo, while Chiron in Aries goes retrograde and trines both: these are striking signs in the sky about what can happen this month in peoples’ personal worlds.  The healing realizations people have, the challenges they understand are theirs to meet, the  ego deaths and personal healing they go through,,, all that fire portends a successful outcome through an at-times rough passage,

 What is the role of personal healing in creativity, high art, and business excellence? When whatever has slowed you down is released, there’s a reserve of energy now free to move you forward.

No longer in the grip of a limiting perspective, all the magic of the universe, with its synchronicities and karmic meetings and multi- dimensions, can reach you. Communication between your creative self and logical mind is freer and more flowing.

My July 2023 newsletter has another message about this day:” On July 22nd the sun enters Leo, followed by Venus in Leo retrograde until September 3rd: This spurs a lot of “bettering” activity, (something Leos will be doing a lot of in their birthday year): refining creative products and projects, improving wardrobes, and beautifying yourself and your environments. Venus retrograde is the polishing phase of shining. Self-discipline grows. (this July newsletter message also highlights the healing journey unfolding: July 20th when Mars in Virgo is opposite Saturn in Pisces, better order can be established. “The old” if it’s not structurally sound, can more easily slip away.”)

Sneak Peek at August 2023 for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Fire signs, Aries Leo Sagittarius: Circumstances from July still need to be straightened out so you can get back to a more creatrive place – it’s a low-key month while you try to keep up with people and projects .

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: A more successful and positive version of yourself is in the making, and you’ll see that what doesn’t stick now is what doesn’t truly stabilize and support you.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: What is your cooperative act now? You’ve got to work a lot or sacrifice a lot to get what you are totally aware of that you want to manifest.

 Earth signs, Taurus,  Virgo, Capricorn: You’re in the middle of things that you need to just keep on going with, meeting your goals, working on your dreams; it’s a “work in progress” month

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