Donald Trump’s Fate and NEW 2023 Psychic Predictions

Dear Friends,

The psychic pictographs are off the table for a couple of months as my writing hand is in a cast; this article is brought to you from Microsoft’s neat feature of voice to text. Here are some messages from a divination system I can use one handed…

Spring predictions from a May 20th  blog post , and PS, I wonder if the dark horse candidate predicted in the US is Barack Obama as vice president. I saw a post about it yesterday, that it was constitutionally possible. Before the loss to  E. Jean Carrol, I tweeted how Donald Trump was going to be taken out of the race by really bad outcomes, and that a few men wanting to stay in power were fashioning a new candidate to take his place. I thought that was going to be the dark horse candidate, on the Republican side. A Biden/Obama ticket would win, or at least according to the Speaking Stones, leaders who had experience in getting things done and could assume responsibility, were solidly ahead.

Donald Trump, according to the Speaking Stones, is not going to be in any role that he has already been in… meaning no presidential office or even being a candidate until the election. There is news dropping in August that really has a negative effect on him. There is some criminal activity involving land and property that is his particular downfall.

It shows that there were men who were going to betray him and that this would be the foundation and cornerstone for his completely different situation in the future…now his fate is unfolding and the surprises are not to the upside. There is a great deal that he gets away with, but his criminal activity and dirty deals are so staggering that it doesn’t matter, they are still his downfall. His wife leaves him.

The Republican Party: there is some thought on the part of Republican strategists to let younger people choose who they want to lead the party. Communication is fast and  furious among party strategists because they know what kind of trouble they’re in. They need a candidate people can trust who is a family person, and who appeals to younger voters.

The Debt Ceiling: Both parties agree on the bottom line being that the US economy needs a foundation; it will be worked out without the US defaulting. The people will lose, as government supports will be taken away in the bargaining process.

Creativity in Spring 2023: It is a very fertile spring and creative time for people if  if in some way large or small, they leave out the past. That’s the key since somewhere they need to be leaving out a way they’ve done things, or with whom,  et cetera. New  projects generally need to begin with a clearing out of the past.

Recession and the stock market in 2023: it looked as if things could continue to go up until August and then a fall, and at the end of the year they start going back up again. So much attention is given to the markets when what truly matters is that land and water is getting poisoned in many places all over the world.

2024 U.S. election:  There is a dark horse candidate… a male president is elected in 2024 (Biden), although there can be a change involving a woman. There’s a big focus on education coming from the Democrats, as well as what makes life nice for families. The Republican Party kind of blows up as the newer and the older cannot be contained in the same form. In a few years people will be talking about integrity and truth like never before, and very concerned with what’s real and who’s real and who is not.