Memories of Peaceful Times in an Ancient Bohemian Life


A bohemian lifestyle has always attracted me. Growing up in Mill Valley, California in the ‘60’s, there were beatniks, then hippies, and poets and artists and musicians with their parties and hangouts.

The other day, I had a flashback about a past life in ancient Greece, or at least I was transported there in my imagination – another bohemian life when I used my psychic and creative abilities, but differently than now, and in what seemed like a much freer time. The memory first came like a poem:

On the Greek Islands long ago, I sang a song in front of gathering crowds

of people young and old, ready for new love, and they began to sing, too

About how all was well, within and without!

When Greece was so full of pleasure,

Plums, apricots, dates… the blossoming almond trees. The donkeys laden with their burdens, climbing high above the sparkling sea.

The firelight conversations and late-night trysts.

Love and life bloomed and died, and without much interruption for a long time.

That time I sang love songs in ancient Greece, that time of peace, so alive and mysterious, when our voices reached the heavens.”

In this Greek past life, when I was not working with a group, I worked with people individually who wanted to attract a love interest – that was the usual  request– but another request was for their own healing.

How did it work? One thing I did was to sing their “heart song”, the tones of their essence. According to the principles of harmony, it activated healing, and an awareness of their creative potential. It opened their heart center. They could feel their inner warmth and fire. If it were directed to someone else, and the person they wanted to attract resonated with the tones and harmonies, the desired one would be subliminally attracted. It was clean work (not coercive) based on harmonics and its principles.

Another art that went into the songs was knowledge of the stars and when the songs should be sung.

Among the bohemian set, there were many unique creative performers, and there seemed to be a lot less rules.

What made the spirit of creativity so strong then?  It was some place and some point when collaboration and cooperation were the norm, and harmony as a power was respected – a peaceful time.  Diversity was allowed – there was no emphasis on who was right or wrong. Life seemed full of intrigue and magic.

Was this a real place? I don’t know, but it was fun to visit for a few moments!