Elissa’s Spring 2023 Newsletter with April Horoscopes

Dear Friends,

This is the second set of messages I’ve gotten about March and Spring 2023 –such a fast-moving, changing time that it’s called for twice the number of horoscopes! (For those who only read the newsletter, the first March/Spring 2023 posts with horoscopes are at www.elissaheyman.com/blog.

I hope the Aries Spring energy is invigorating you, and if not, it should come on pretty soon.

Speaking of things moving fast and changing, my Hawaii plans got cancelled and a new trip appeared: I’ll be in Manhattan April 15-17th. For anyone wanting an in-person session while I’m there, I have appointments April 14th at the La Quinta Inn Central Park, and April 17th at the Da Vinci Hotel (also near Central Park).

It’s still cold in Santa Fe but Nature is budding and beginning to flower here. I hope you get to witness Spring’s beauty around you, and I hope to see some of you in person, one place or another.

Have a great new beginning this season!

Love, Elissa

Itinerary and contact info: cell/text 505-577-4012 , email elissa@elissaheyman.com

April 14 and 17th: Manhattan, W. 71st and W. 56th St. (Not available in person in Santa Fe April 14-17.)

April 27-May 1st (Not available in person in Santa Fe. I’ll be in New Orleans if anyone wants to get in touch.)

Private Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing, and Group Sessions in Santa Fe NM: Please call for more information, 505-982-3294, or visit www.elissaheyman.com

      Spring Messages from the Stars, a Spell, and April 2023 Psychic Horoscopes

What should we follow this Spring, our head or our heart? There will be struggles… first try using your head to give your heart what it wants. This can bring about unexpected cooperation – the bold “Me, Myself and I” Aries energy enables us to get what we want!

March 25-30, five planets are aligned in the sky: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and unusually, Uranus – the planet of unpredictability and things going sideways. Around the same time is a powerfully impacting celestial event on society, Pluto entering Aquarius for the next twenty years. Some people refer to this moment as “The Big Shift” , prophesied to raise the collective consciousness to a higher vibration and a more connected state.

The message I get from the planets, especially Pluto going retrograde right at the outset of its decades-long stay in Aquarius, is that society is likely to learn a big lesson from disrupter Pluto and tech-rep Aquarius about artificial intelligence. We’re likely to learn the hard way that technology doesn’t bring about a rise in consciousness, it must come from a collective rise in our values. Meanwhile, the subversive language AI creates reaches new levels of sophistication, an unpredictable influence in a lawless time . The breaking down of society’s frameworks can also spawn new religions and new philosophies.

This Spring is somewhat like Spring 2003 in energy, when the Iraq war began – another a war-torn time when people in collective trances do their worst.

Thankfully these same powerful planetary forces help a motivated individual to move on from the past, and move into new views and senses of self.

Spring Spell: For individuals, the beginning of the astrological new year promises rich experiences and greater personal fulfillment. It’s the right time to pursue imaginative, creative projects.

To boost its potential, try this quick magic spell on yourself called, “Seed the Universe”.  It’s inspired by the New Moon-Mercury conjunction in effect now, a good time to get things rolling as communication flows, change happens easily, and plans come together fast.

Do this outside if possible. If inside, try to have a window or door open to the outside.

To begin, let your mind wander to something that makes you comfortable (taking a bath; lounging in bed?), and that you enjoy..

Then think about something you want for yourself now, some desired circumstance or development.

1.Get it in your mind in a sentence.

2.Let your imagination produce an image of it. Make a 2-second mental movie of doing or having that thing.

3. Now quickly hold your breath while you keep focused what you’re seeing: a scene in which you’ve got what you want.

4.When you are ready to exhale, blow it all out into the world.

When you try this, it’s easy to imagine and feel the connection between the imagery you’re viewing mentally, and the breath you’re holding in your lungs. The trapped air becomes impregnated with your thoughts. The atmosphere you just purposed and blew out into the atmosphere is now connected with the field of infinite possibilities. You have successfully Seeded the Universe!

March Ends Restlessly: The stars suggest people will get a case of Spring fever and want to satisfy their curiosity for what’s new and different. Attention also turns to one’s body and getting in shape, and desires for a new image. Challenge yourself physically to get stronger and stay limber. Throw out old clothes that you no longer belong in.

 April 2023 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fie, Water, Air and Earth signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

The fire signs: Aries Leo and Sagittarius in April 2023: The bold Aries new moon energy is meant to enable you to take action, action, action… and not debate, debate, debate.” Do It” to find out if you can do it. There is also a shift in Fire signs where a gentler and more caring side of their nature comes out, and in general the trend is an elevation in their consciousness. This Spring there’s a lot of coming and going and choosing between many options; you could make good money, or pay money to learn to make money! It’s a busy, industrious season, with some peak experiences. It’s intense but in a positive way.\! Expect the best, and be open to new ways of doing things professionally in April.. . it’s a creative month of discoveries!

The water signs : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in April 2023: You’re kind of moody in early Spring. Partly because of the stress of fast-changing circumstances – but they keep on moving so don’t worry about any one point. Make it your goal to be guided by your intent, and make it your intention to relax! There could be a disturbance in your plans that you become aware of, that does not have to do with you but still makes your future uncertain. Whatever difficulty you’re passing through, know and expect that a difficult phase can change into a better-than-ever one. Don’t fight the circumstances, meanwhile.

The air signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius in April 2023: You might be on fire with new ideas…settle on doing the most practical and pragmatic ones. it’s hard to see now what the universe means for you to experience and why. It’s hard to see just how it is you advance. But you do get into a better and freer position – and a trip you’re taking may have something to do with it, although you wouldn’t know at the time. It reveals itself in a few months, and it is the opening of some kind of help that enables you to expand.

The earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn in April 2023: For some reason, news of the stock market came in with your message, and although it’s massively up today, it looks like it goes down again this Spring. A lot is changing, coming, going, and growing in your life. It can be clear that some dreams you’ve had or rolls you’ve been on are over with, that a life you’ve led is finishing up this April, and there’s a lot of new unexplored territory in front of you. These changes are based on knowing yourself better, and realizing which dreams are from another time. Releasing leads to re-charging.