March 2023 Psychic Horoscopes and Astrological Guidance

(The explication of the March psychic pictograph will be in tomorrow’s post, which features psychic astrology and predictions for March 2023. Meanwhile, enjoy your March horoscopes and the personal guidance below.)

March  moves fast! It’s hard to take in all the changes as we feel we have to keep moving on to the next. Fortunately, the planets give us fortitude, beginning with  Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries on March 2nd.

Willpower begins to increase, especially willpower to overcome one’s self-made obstacles. However, if a person isn’t aiming high with their life, the expansive energy of Jupiter can also exacerbate egocentric, self-righteous, and indulgent behavior.

Vow to “do good” with the energy you’ve got: realize the power of your smile and flash it often; also, let people off the hook. Let go of them, and keep front and center in your mind what you dream about and desire for yourself.

March Boost: The influence of Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius: You can figure out almost any scheme, no matter how many moving parts. The details, the big picture, the ramifications and even timelines can be figured out as plans work their way through our heads.

Fire signs. Aries Leo and Sagittarius:  You can be excited about the future and fearful that you’re not going to get what you want… that someone may not come into the picture, that something desired may not work out; the guidance is to not worry so much! Your fondest dreams have a chance to materialize. You’re in a situation where you may have time to worry about a  circumstance that’s most likely a happy ending.

Water signs,  Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces: You’re quite future oriented this month. March finds you working on plans you’ve got that might take you far away. Your mind is on travel or what’s new and what’s liberating and where you’re going  – it’s a month of transition or planning for it.  The next new natural steps have you feeling a little disconnected from the present, but that’s a passing circumstance.

Air signs,  Gemini Libra and Aquarius:  You have to change something,  no way around it –  and it’s a big change as fate takes its due, potentially sending you on quite a different path that is necessary to take.  Spring 2023 marks a profoundly new chapter for air signs, one that requires a lot of adjustment to what’s new.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn:  You’re busy, you’re working; people are getting back in touch with you – projects are moving forward, deadlines have to be met and there are people to  coordinate with… it’s   just a necessarily structured month with  you and your To Do List.