Elissa’s January 2023 Psychic Newsletter, Horoscopes and More

2023 What Comes Around Goes Around

Dear Friends,

It’s icy cold in Santa Fe, and I am simultaneously swilling hot chocolate and wrapping up this newsletter, part 2 of the big January edition. Out in the real world, the media is already loaded with alarming stories to digest in 2023…I hope this horoscope edition is an entertaining break from whatever else you’ve been reading about.

No matter what some of the predictions sound like in the earlier prediction edition, I think people will find it easier to make themselves happy in 2023 than last year. Even if things end up shockingly different than expected, for instance, it doesn’t mean they don’t end up better. Meanwhile in your imagination, aim high!

Have a wonderful year and I hope you come this way, Santa Fe is still beautiful and spiritually soothing. And its cultural offerings just get more and better.

This newsletter will likely be quarterly this year, it is busy busy busy around here with clients near and far, but I do post horoscope updates and articles on my blog. By the way, I am working with many more groups now – I think more groups are choosing Santa Fe as their getaway, and of course, people are just not Covid-fearful like they have been. I’m still in the same office suite on East Palace, and prices are still the same both for in-person and phone sessions.

With love and good wishes for a happy 2023,


A Few More 2023 Predictions and Wellness Tips

Re the January 2023 prediction newsletter: The first batch of newsletters out to subscribers didn’t include the last 3 sentences of the Covid update. Here’s the whole paragraph:

NEW COVID UPDATE: 2023 is the last year we are so defenseless against Covid, before new knowledge helps us do battle. 2024 looks better. Economic destruction impact is underestimated; big changes in the workforce due to Covid. A Covid strain could change to make it more airborne.

Re the prediction newsletter message about more extreme cold (“Brrr: There will be more “unusual” cold spells like Winter 2022.”): What got edited out of the final draft was that the cold was connected to some fundamental change in nature and planet earth, something happens at a profound level – it was a message I didn’t understand. When I read the recent headline that the iron core spinning at the center of the earth might be pausing: “Earth’s renegade inner core may have ‘paused’ and reversed, scientists say”, I recognized it as the kind of fundamental change the message meant. I wondered if the unusual cold spells were connected to what was happening at the earth’s core.. It was 60 below zero in China last week!

Re the earlier “infiltration of evil” messageThe January 18th slaying by the police of a Cop City protestor outside of Atlanta is the tip of a super-scary iceberg about the normalizing of a police state and police brutality in the U.S. It was the kind of outrageous event that becomes a rallying cry nationwide, but the very long attack happened as Mercury was going direct. Communication can be stunted, the story not so easily heard. At least at first.

“Irreparable harm” – that’s what Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen said would happen to the U.S. economy if the debt ceiling isn’t lifted in June. Jupiter in Aries (until mid-May) is also when people in power play hardball. Let’s hope the Republicans don’t want to visit economic grief on U.S. citizens. The word of the year being “abrupt”, continuity is not a given in 2023.

The Shortened Goalpost: A psychologically healthy way to adapt to a world where things don’t go as expected: Make your goals “shorter”…about the quality of your day, for instance, the quality of your interactions and did you take a minute to enjoy being outside? Rather than how far you got down the road to success. 2023 is a year with a lot of interruptions and abrupt twists; focusing on how you treat yourself, how you treat others, what you fill yourself with in the day, is a graceful way to move through sometimes heavy and sometimes unstable vibrations.

Self-care in 2023 is all about rejuvenation… plan for it! Rejuvenate yourself on a mini-scale very regularly. Plan for longer getaways that aim to refresh your mind, body, and spirit.

Spring, Summer and Fall, and Chinese Astrology Have a Few Words for You….

Year of the Rabbit: Perseverance pays off for those born in the Year of the Rabbit. Reality check is due concerning unmet goals… the direction of things becomes clear, and as well, what is no longer a feasible direction for you. Connect with solid people for success.

Spring 2023: People are really going to feel the “new” beginning energy of this Spring. It’s a good year for imaginative projects and deeply personal creative expression in general. Painters and writers are inspired! Even if it’s not your birthday, March 22nd is a good day for an astrological new year’s wish.

Summer says: Plan for fun, and dress up those streets! Fashion should be fun to watch.

Fall Equinox Message: It’s more important to DO and take the initiative – without stopping the show to worry if you’re doing it right. Try. Do. Act. Get Help When Needed. As the wise psychiatrist Dr. Abraham Lowe would say, “Move those muscles.”

2023 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Fire, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: A separate message came for each fire sign for 2023: Aries: More focus on health this year than before. Leo: You are chugging along, it’s a little like you’re moulting this year; keep the faith. Sagittarius: You are more together than ever. All Fire Signs: You get things in the right order, you get the right help, you understand what works or what you’re able to do… much better arrangements are made. There’s a lot of truth in what you’re doing now or how you do things, and this makes you more efficient. Everything about you gets more efficient.

Water, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: You’re breaking out of a mold or restriction in subtle ways this year. You attracted the planet Jupiter in your tarot cards, sign of good luck and expansion! You tend to be successful in things that you try, that you might be new at but you’re still good at, or well-organized for. You may choose to take on and express new sides of yourself this year. But also, you can get a lot cleaned up, cleared up, and taken care of. There’s an evenness about this time – a time of growth but low volatility.

Air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Each air sign can go in quite different directions this year – it’s a karmic year taking you wherever you truly belong. You swerve the right way…you might go through a lot of changes, but something can work out very, very well. You would know that more in November. You want to keep on working for what you believe in and what you’re trying to change, especially if it deals with your role. Tarot: These are fortunate cards for Thinking Big about making changes: being willing to get into a different position… it looks like you’d be getting into a better one!

Earth, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: Your inner self cries out for “More action, more action!” It is restless and ambitious for whatever it is you desire. It’s important to not try to do anything major alone…it’s a sign to wait if you don’t have help you think you need. Tarot: It’s a “get it together” year, and so much progress can be made, you might shock yourself. Suddenly, you’re aware of everything that’s been unbalanced or extreme or disorganized, and you can make good plans and concerted efforts to put your life in much better order. What you think to do in the beginning of the year could take quite a while to accomplish.

2023 Messages from Spirit and the Tarot for Each Astrological Sign

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign

Aries: You’ve cleared out a lot of your “to do” list, and it’s time for new goals. It feels like an important year to forge ahead in new directions. Your mental and emotional networks are in sync and ready for whatever’s next. However, you can experience a gap in time…remember: Nature hates a vacuum. (This means that the feeling of being empty, and only having desire, longing – feeling a void and a yearning for fulfillment – sets the creative process of magnetic attraction in motion,) “Where do you fit in?”, you might be asking yourself. Get strong first, and you’ll see! (See Fire for health message.)

Taurus: A wild, wild year for Taurus, beginning with a new moon solar eclipse and Mercury going retrograde. Translation: you do a lot of reviewing of the basics in your life, getting things fundamentally straight. You are likely to get cooperation from organizations, and loans tend to come through. Your birthday falls in between eclipses this year; it points to preparing, fixing, and being practical, especially if you don’t know what to do in the big picture, or feel like you’re in-between identities. The message of the birthday year beginning with Mercury retrograde is: “Fix things before proceeding.” (I know this doesn’t sound like a wild year so far, but be patient, change is pretty much guaranteed.)

Gemini: Your imagination is strong and your mind adaptable, willing to entertain new ideas. Being adaptable and quick-witted will see you through what’s new. There is also some kind of repeat of last year’s events, but more powerful. Watch out for the tendency to over-indulge.

Cancer 2023: “OMG”, said the Cancer full moon babies, “…are these things really happening?” Powerful changes for Cancerians willing to go where fate points, and your imagination will help you see how you’ll like it. (Try this! Draw a picture of where you want to go – use anything…symbols, stick figures, words – a picture that shows what it’s like when you’ve got what you want.) Tarot: It looks like you’re getting to do things and go places you enjoy, and partnerships and bonds in general get stronger. But don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched, or make commitments without solid assurances.

Leo: A lot is overcome by Leos this year. Major healing goes on! You have a strong will to upgrade your life and get on higher ground. Don’t give up on that! It may not sound like the description of a fun year, but it absolutely can be: many adventures can take place if you’re willing to get out, go places, and do things.

Virgo: Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde right at the start of your birthday year, and like Taurus, there’s a lot of clearing up and cleaning up and taking care of business that goes on in 2023. Like Taurus as well, all that getting-it-together activity precedes quite a change. Take calculated risks this year, and try new things.

Libra: Interestingly, the spirits’ first message to Libra is to get enough sleep! If you sleep more this winter than usual, assume your body knows what it needs. Take your time with everything, especially the first half of the year. Making choices and decisions is becomes easier in the coming Fall.

Scorpio: It’s an ordinary-feeling year, nothing out of the ordinary seems to happen and then “Pow!”: you get a new idea, quite a ways into your birthday year. Nothing is ordinary about you, but sometimes the rhythm of your life builds up your energy for yet, as it turns out, another transformative year!” Tarot: Metaphorically or literally or both, you’re going somewhere new…but where are you going? The cards say it’s somewhere fitting, somewhere that is somehow more successful and better for you. A new job description, a new healthier self-image, a new home state? Somehow you’ll feel like you’re in a new (and better) place.

Sagittarius: You’re full of enthusiasm and inspiration – it’s a copacetic year in terms of harmony and cooperation with others. A lot can get done, and it’s easier to stay focused on what you want to get done.

Capricorn: New message: If you’re being tough on yourself, you’ll be a lot more aware of it in 2023. It’s going to be a great year – you’ll see… at least you’ll see by November. Writing might play a bigger role in your life this year. (from the earlier January prediction issue) Capricorn 2023:  The full moon in Cancer is January 6th, and those born around that time will have a diverse plateful of experiences, karmic encounters, and chances to step back and try choosing peace over power. Family is important; participating more in community feels fulfilling, too.

Aquarius: There is more internal cooperation this year, as you are emotionally willing to act on your plans. There’s a lot of opportunity, thus spawning action plans! Expect bold ideas, radical energy, and greater personal courage to emerge from within.

Pisces: Your rational mind and intuition work together better than ever this year…you are a workhorse when it comes to projects that interest you. It seems like things happen very fast in your world; one situation after another unfolds. Don’t try to spend a lot of time on any one thing. Solutions at a deeper level occur to you and you also gain deeper self-understanding. It can be challenging to see so clearly into yourself and address whatever you find.

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