Psychic Messages for Capricorn and Cancer 2023

Success Messages for 2023

There are plenty ‘o psychic predictions for 2023  posted here recently – and I’ll probably add a few more in the January newsletter.  I don’t think there are any Covid messages, but with that  new variant moving West and now  reported in New Mexico, I’m going to ask for one!

Here are two stray horoscope messages, invoked by the recent full moon in Cancer:

Capricorn 2023:   The full moon in Cancer is January 6th, and those born around that time will have a diverse plateful of experiences, karmic encounters, and chances to step back and try choosing peace over power. Family is important; participating more in community feels fulfilling, too.

Cancer 2023: OMG said the Cancer full moon babies, are these things really happening? Powerful changes for Cancerians willing to go where fate points, and your imagination will help you see how you’ll like it: Try this!  Draw a picture of where you want to go – use anything…symbols, stick figures, words, that depict what it’s like when you’ve got what you want.

The rest of the 2023 horoscopes and probably an update on these two will be slow to materialize, it’s Mercury Retrograde! Ideally, I would be receiving them at some ocean, signifying how big change is for many this year. Oceans are big, sweeping changes, with no roads yet in sight.