January 1st 2023 Circle Predictions

The insights that came in my circle today were not personal, but visions about the collective in 2023:

In the directions January 1st:  There can be large-scale losses of life, and a lot of people dying at once, but an actual world war isn’t showing up. Also not showing up are powerful factions actually winning, i.e. Putin winning or Zelensky winning, or either Good or Evil winning.

A mitigating force to the destructive ones in full swing is the power of some peoples’ minds.  It’s a time when powerful solution-bringers and their combined knowledge combat current problems.

It is very, very hard to see what’s really taking shape and happening in the United States. There are powers behind powers battling it out.  In the world in some places, it feels like something evil has moved into the infrastructure – an evil force is in place or in power.

Winnowing goes on in business, when only those whose value makes them relatively bullet-proof are safe when it comes to a faltering economy.  On the plus side, this time spawns many new entrepreneurs and for others, chances to get more education and perhaps change direction. Take advantage if you’re free to explore.