2023 Psychic Pictograph Update and Explication of Its Predictions

2023 What Comes Around Goes Around

 New Year’s Eve Update,  December 31st:  I felt like I didn’t completely capture the meaning of “too much sun” in the original explication posted in my December prediction newsletter.  It also fits the description of  a solar phenomenon when the sun goes from benign to being disruptive and damaging,…” too much sun.”  A big dose of sun could be a significant solar flare or storm.

The exhortation to “Experiment!” fleshed out: In 2023 you absolutely don’t want to be judging yourself for what you feel like doing – and you might feel like taking a break . It’s a year to trust your feelings and accept what you want – to not be afraid of failure, to respect your creative process,  and try whatever you want to try. First hand experience beats everything.

It also means you might try things that don’t work, or you’re finding out what doesn’t work, and that’s gotta be okay and helpful to find out.  People are generally pragmatic and realistic and tend to become more responsible to themselves this year.

The Inner World: A naturally-felt priority is self-expression and creativity in 2023.  Expressing yourself creatively – making the life you want – is especially rewarding now.

Free Energy Down the Line?:  The December pictograph prediction mentions  a “breakthrough in solar tech” that makes it more viable. When I saw the news about a breakthrough in nuclear fusion,  I immediately thought that was the link to solar energy’s viability.

“Chastised”: these small cap brown letters show the small-cap kind of place people are in (except for the red ‘d’ at the end that signifies Democrats being energized)  People are more self-aware of the lessons they’ve learned. Delusions of grandeur are down, accepting what’s real  is up.

The predictions below still ring right to me, the above is in addition to this first batch:

2023 What Comes Around Goes Around

Original Explication from the December 2022 newsletter: “Chastised” is about people facing the consequences of their actions,  karma – U.S. rioters and politicians getting sentenced, Mother Nature teaching us hard lessons about squandered resources… people subdued by  what they’ve wrought. The upside of “chastised” is that there’s an “I’m wiser now” sense to people now, and they’re more pragmatic in 2023.  Democrats are motivated and energized. Individuals, especially the 2nd half of the year, are better able to free themselves up for whatever comes next. What’s advised is to explore and experiment in your life in 2023.

There’s an out-of-control feeling about global warming and the heating up of the planet.

There could be a significant breakthrough in solar energy that makes it more viable. “

2023 is a year to take action, to not wait for the perfect time, and to be  diligent. Keep up centering and strengthening practices. Steady as you go, to get somewhere new and good.