2023 Psychic Astrology, Global Events and Weather Predictions

…excerpts from my January 2023 Psychic Newsletter:

Jupiter enters Aries December 20th:  The downside: This energy enables the self-righteous, the war-mongerers,  and the hard right. People with boundary issues  can’t keep them. The upside: Significant collaboration on complex problems happen between giant entities. The  sheer might and the technical knowhow to get down to details combines to make progress with big impacts felt later.

Mercury Rx in Capricorn December 29-  January 18th:  A great time to put the finishing touches on new marketing campaigns, works in progress, and organizing projects. The organization of your day so you’re fitting in what’s important is an excellent focus.  You’ll easily see now what doesn’t work and will be able to root it out.

Pluto in Aquarius, Innovation Moves Center Stage:  (from the December 2022 newsletter)  “In the U.S. and countries in surprising places, brilliant new leaders with bold ideas emerge. This is a sign of Pluto moving into Aquarius beginning in 2023, when according to the stars, societies move oppressive structures, to innovation being what forms the structure. Social structures that depend on being able to control others are out, being co-creationists with others and the Universe is in.  Pluto is in Aquarius for the next twenty years.”

Think Local: People can go from trying to stop global warming to goals that have more immediate results, impacting their lives closer to home and their community.  People are more pragmatic and realistic about their goals.  Many  go into teaching and somehow more practical subjects are being taught.

Surprise Attack: With a mighty lunge and a snap like the jaws of a lion, a world power roars into action to grab power while it can.

Word of the Year: “Abrupt”  The tables turn, reversals of circumstances are commonplace.– there are reversals of fortune, changes of fate, and divorce rates climb. When is an “abrupt change of fortune” a welcome event?  Individuals step back abruptly from whatever brink they’re on and abyss they’re staring into; in 2023 they begin a steady climb  to regain their footing on higher  ground.

2023 Image: A vulture comes down to pick off all that’s dead in 2023, as if a lot dies, and metaphorically speaking, a lot of past structure whether it’s a government or a marriage…whatever  needs to be done with and cleared from the playing field.

Worldwide Turbulence: There are various wars brewing, plus Nature is boiling over. Volcanoes go off beginning in February.   What to make of the turbulent and boiling waters of 2023?  Stay sober and responsible to navigate them! Resilience is tested, strength is gained, and people adapt. Stay flexible for success in 2023.

Think Before You Speak! The earth isn’t the only thing boiling over. Stress causes people to lash out, especially while Jupiter is in Aries and Mercury is retrograde in the beginning of the year.

Provocative 2023:  People are provoking, countries are provoking, and what’s coming to life and also feeling out of control are Nature’s killing machines; it is insane to provoke biology by trying to bring ancient viruses to life in labs. There’s enough risk with whatever gets dug up by melting ice due to global warming.

Brrr: Something profoundly changes in Nature and it impacts the weather, making it colder and for longer.  There will be more “unusual” cold spells like Winter 2022.

Empty Cupboards: We run out of stuff in 2023, storerooms are empty.  It can be water we run out of in some places, grain in others, but storerooms are strikingly bare. Sometimes people are asked to give more freely than other times. In 2023, the world will be needier than ever, and poverty a much greater problem. People respond with grace and more generosity this year.   

Good News from the Stars: The New Year’s planets signal creative and practical innovations to come, and government programs proposed that actually address the need for change.

Reality Check 2023: The statistics come in, research to the rescue! We need to change the script pronto! New facts make people act now to save the planet’s diminishing life and resources. Landmark legislation is proposed.