End-of-Year Horoscopes and Psychic Predictions for 2022

December 2021

Psychic Insights for 2021-2022 and End-of Year Horoscopes

December 2021 overview: Out in the world, scams are revealed and second chances are given. For individuals, if someone has been fooling themselves, they see much more clearly how they’ve been doing that. They are also more willing to give themselves a second chance, leave the past behind, and adopt some new goals.

Winter 2021 Message from Nature: Many locations and lands are washed clean. Just like a virus mutates, nature is going wild with mutations, and its spirit suggests it’s good for individuals to go wild, too: to believe it’s fine to  change and adapt to new conditions, and allow for new ideas, new solutions, new paths, and uncovered sources of support. You’ll be standing much taller by the end of the new year.

Oppressive government structures are still strong, at least in the U.S., and stay in place because of internal conflict among those in a position to make changes. There’s not enough united will and order to profoundly change things this year, they basically just go on. What begins to fix this?  One: expecting a lot less from the people… they’re tired.  People best help the situation and stay healthy by planting new seeds, and not fighting old structures. Makie things green again, where ever and however you can!

Full moon in Gemini, December 18th:   Venus goes retrograde and Chiron the Healer goes direct this weekend.  More effective plans occur to people about their own healing and personal goals. People can handle quote a few diverse tasks at once during the full moon in Gemini, go for it!

Winter Solstice, December 21st:  Making merry in the dark of winter when the sun enters Capricorn is a tradition in many cultures. This year’s winter message is that  as much as the pandemic allows, it’s especially fortifying, and personally and collectively healing, to make merry with others: it’s just as important for the success of your material world goals as having a game plan to follow.

Jupiter in Pisces until November 2022:  When Jupiter enters Pisces at the end of the month, it enlivens our idealism, which can go two ways. Some people become more compassionate and empathetic, and some become more extreme. People who become more extreme can get less connected to reality with Jupiter in Pisces, and if you’re becoming a more loving person, this same aspect produces waves of emotional understanding and spiritual awakening.

New Year’s Eve Advice from the Stars: In 2022, keep on investing in what you’ve got energy for, because your enthusiasm wins the day and insures success.  More of the things you no longer want leave your life…keep on rollin’.

January 2nd , New Moon in Capricorn:  The signs point to a clarifying year when Individuals gain clarity about their particular situations, and collectives see better where they stand in the world. There’s a danger of people who are headed in an extreme direction being supported and going further down that road as they could organize into destructive coalitions.

December Psychic Pictograph: The December 2021 pictograph suggests a few natural and political catastrophes in rapid succession, disappointments and questions over who is going to pay for what, and that in some significant way we let an opposing force take hold.

2021 End-of-Year Psychic Insights for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs 

For everyone: Winter 2021 A most unpredictable winter in terms of the world’s direction and amount of change it undergoes! Individuals surprise themselves, too, with how much strength they have to change things in their own lives.

Fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: The trend now is to become a stronger person with a stronger character, able to take on more responsibility. Notice you like being a winner, not a victim. Money is coming your way, and a whole new level of success. Doing things differently is a major reason for change for the better. You get happier!

Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: It’s time to take a breather, to let things go that can’t work easily, to enjoy what’s around you and the people you want in your life – you’ve learned a lot about people and yourself this year, and it will pay off in your choices next year. Take everything as a learning experience. Relationships improve.

Air signs, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: Your plans are working out – you’ve got the right team, they are on board, and you can get done what you’ve been planning. It takes a while, but you finally have things in order to both finish up projects and move forward with new ones.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: You’re aware of all the changes you need to make, including where you or your business is operating. There’s new information to gather, yet everything feels like it takes a long time to materialize into success.  Lots of thinking going on, Earth signs, about where to take your life next! The best thing is to not try to hold on to what’s not working. Think in terms of building back better and differently.