Wassa Wassa Drum and Dance Sept 9-12 in Santa Fe

Because my Psychic Counseling Facebook page got hacked and I can’t log into it, I didn’t know Santa Fe’s wonderful Wassa Wassa Festival was happening, and in just a couple of days! I heard them practicing in the park tonight by my house, and the drummers are fantastic. Here’s the whole schedule:

Celebrate the 7th annual WASSA WASSA Dance & Drum Festival with Soriba Fofana in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico this fall.
Reknown artists bring you the finest in African dance and music.
30 classes in Dance, Drum, Dundun Dance, Song, Krin, N’goni and Kids classes GUINEA
Youssouf Koumbassa – Dance
Nafi Diabate – Dance, Song
Fara Tolno – Dance, Drum, Dundun Dance
Aboubacar Sylla – Balafon, Drum
Mohamed Lamin’s Bangoura – Drum
Etienne Tolno – Drum, Dance
Mami Sayon Camara – Dance, Song
Soriba Fofana – Drum, Krin, N’goni, Song, Dance
Mohamed Lamine Bako Camara – Drum
N’faly Drame – Drum, Acrobatics
N’famoussa Soumah – Drum, AcrobaticsZIMBABWE
Rujeko Dumbutshena – DanceMALI
Male Fainké – DrumUSA
Elise Gent – Haitian Dance
Fred Simpson – Drum
Hountor Gent – Drum$25 ClassesThursday September 9th – classes at MOVE Studio 901 W San Mateo Rd, Santa Fe, NM http://movedcp.com/Saturday September 10th Drum classes – Railyard Park Community room
Across from the Railyard PC and behind Site Santa Fe
(Leave ample time for parking on Saturday due to Farmers Market traffic)COVID restrictions will be in place according to CDC and New Mexico State recommendations
Masking indoors is mandated for vaccinated and unvaccinated
The Railyard Performance Center is a large indoor space fitted with Hepa air filters, and effective cross ventilation.
Class size will be limited / Additional classes will be scheduled to compensate…..
EVERYTHING is subject to change ❤️
Schedule posted here!
www.soribafofana.com See Less

Elissa’s September 2021 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

September 2021 Has Every Kind of Weather

I hope your Labor Day Weekend had beautiful weather like here in Santa Fe, where it’s still perfectly gorgeous. Driving out of town is a delight right now, too, with a riot of sunflowers lining 1-25,  and if the sun is just right at about 6 pm, it looks like they’re setting the sky ablaze! It is very restful to do nothing but stare at Nature, I hope you got to do that over the holidays.

My latest excitement came this morning with a thorough reading of an email from LearnItLive.com, which is launching some new kinds of programs. They are short, to the point classes and offerings like psychic and tarot readings, yoga and stretching, blessings before you go to bed, a philosopher’s point of view on something relevant… it sounds interesting! It got me thinking about the various short features I’ve done for different media outlets and what’s been popular… psychic reading for the listeners, weekly psychic horoscopes, morning daily messages from the Sun, psychic call-in with listeners asking questions, guided meditations to take people on a mental trip for healing or guidance  – I’m thinking of putting some new and old features together in a weekly show.  I would love newsletter readers’ feedback if you would want to tune in to a weekly show like that – unlike this erratic newsletter, it would be the same time, same place, every week.

I’ll keep you posted about any future new services, and in the meantime, here are both horrifying and unbelievably good predictions for September 2021 and beyond; your psychic horoscopes, and a few new free classes – the first one up is tonight, and although aimed at people interested in giving short psychic readings which is usually what readers start with, it should be helpful to anyone interested in developing their intuition.

Best, Have a Lovely Fall,


Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing in Santa Fe: My office is still open for vaccinated people! To make an appointment, please get in touch by email at elissa@elissaheyman.com or 505-982-3294. I’ve been taking a little break from phone sessions but will start them back up in a few weeks.

September Free Classes on LearnItLive.com:

The Art of the Short and Soothing Psychic Session September 7th 6 pm Mountain Time, 30 minutes

This Labor Day special on September 7th is a companion class to the August 27th class on self-employment, especially for those offering a personal service. I’ll describe practices and routines that promote trust in your service and your business. I’ll also discuss how someone using their intuition professionally might prepare in a way that gives them confidence in their ability to “directly know”. Bring questions you have about any aspect of working as a psychic or sole proprietor, or how you can succeed even without any interest in business.

September Manifesting Circle, Group Divination, and Messages From the Stars September 17th, 6:30 pm Mountain

We begin with a group reading and divination, to see what spiritual guidance the class attracts. In the Manifesting Circle, you’ll practice accessing your intuition and harnessing the power of your imagination. We might try a sound healing technique for centering and aligning the chakras that comes from shamanism… September is extra stressful. A psychic weather report will scan the upcoming Full Moon, Mercury retrograde, and Fall Equinox. To bring to class: a few personal goals and paper and pen.

End of September Stress Relief Class September 29th, 5:30 pm Mountain

September is extra stressful and we’ll want relief from it as its weeks go by. Please join me for an experiment in spiritual healing, a circle with the goal of lightening and brightening your energy field. Also, ways in which “heavy energy” is naturally and purposefully released, and a practice to bless yourself with an inspired day.

September 2021

New Moon’s Opportunities: The New Moon in Virgo is on Labor Day, September 6th, a day of many positive planetary aspects. Virgo is about service and taking care of your health, creating order in your life, and getting where you want to go by getting the details right. Going forward, it’s a great time to make plans for what’s new, and learn what people need and may need from you in the way of services.  Working backwards from a clear goal, where detail-oriented Virgo shines is that your mind can see the steps you need to take to reach it. Virgo is all about being realistic, getting the facts right, and being prudent, but you’re still supposed to take chances on what’s new! That’s Mars in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus right on the new moon,  meaning your internal engine can rev up with energy, and with the right map you create, get you to a new destination.

A Convergence of Sorrows (but new help is coming): The mental health crisis created by a lot of people feeling too much pressure and too much loss, too fast, is on our doorstep. It’s also a time of great innovation, and peoples’ mental health needs will give birth to new ways to deal with mental illness and health. There will be new understandings, new approaches, new modalities, and new drugs to address new levels of stress.

Unbelievable Pandemic Update: Although the month might be titled, “Lord Have Mercy”, I have wonderful psychic news! Unless I’m wrong! The spirit of the coronavirus spoke, and like a mass of wild animals traveling low to the ground and fanning out, it said “we are going to get everyone”. But then came the words “stop stop stop”, and what that meant is something STOPS it. Then I looked at the tarot, and it looks like we escape our fate, and that help is on the way. “Help is on the way”  I assume means that innovation comes up with a way to stop all the variants dead by the end of the year. That’s just very hard to believe, but now the cards are reflecting it. Or I’m trying to fool myself and you readers into feeling better, and have manifested a pretty set tarot cards!

A curious message about September and the Fall Equinox was that metaphorically speaking, humans step through a new door, (a scientific breakthrough in understanding about the universe?) and become exposed to and aware of new worlds, and they have new visions.

From the spirits:  The first message I got about September 2021 was shocking:

“Oh, you want to know about September? Bloody September?

Yes, it’s bloody all right,

Not just famines, starvation worldwide,

But fighting now, and such disappointment,

Sheer disappointment in the human experiment.

Did. Not. Come. Together!

Do-Over in 2025.”

What Color is California?  Re the upcoming re-call, a psychic pictograph had California still blue. Other messages were that oil production is very down on the southwest coast, or perhaps ended, and population is very up, especially in the southeast parts of the state

The full moon September 20th augurs lots of fights about human rights. Women are particularly strong now, but people in general act strong when they need to. However, there’s a lot of sadness the last week of the month.

Mercury retrograde September 26th to October 27th: In this cycle, people can go back on their word. Contracts are necessary! Many positive aspects, especially trine Jupiter make it a generally good time to expand your knowledge base, and have things turn around for the better! However, in an earlier message, it seemed like there was a lot of sadness the last week of the month and I assumed that was due to whatever’s in the news, or people coming to grips with what they lost recently.

September 2021 Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth Signs

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, Fire signs: Don’t jump the gun, go slow.  Be careful of jumping into things!  Life is on the move, no doubt about it, but what’s still not clear is what your role is in the future. There’s not enough evidence yet.  Wait for the signs, wait to feel sure, but also, be careful not to lose your vision by staying put and doing the same things, and getting pulled into a fate that’s not the better fate you thought you could end up in. To boil down your upcoming future, you don’t see how yet, but things are taking a powerful turn for the better, and some new developments and new places are already in play.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: September may bring some full moon madness your way, be careful out there around the 20th.  You’re aware of change with the people around you, especially the younger ones, but their different plans are better plans! You don’t have to come up with creative solutions for others this month, they take care of themselves. But try, try, try things to reach the world, and you’ve got great instincts when you try to make yourself happy – you’ll encounter success and fulfillment.

Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, Air signs:  It’s back to the drawing board.  In some way, going back to square one might be your next best step. You are constructing things now, talking to people, doing your part, but it feels like for future positions. This month, a lot is done “in preparation for” – and what you’re also doing is come out in some kind of stronger way. There’s a sense of emerging or graduating that you’re going for.

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, Earth signs: It seems like again and again, you’re having new beginnings in 2021!  There’s a lot to do and it’s kind of stressful with the different demands on your life, and you might also have to work your way through some dead ends. It isn’t a likely time to feel settled or get settled, or to have what you need and know where you belong. Things just aren’t set up yet for what you want, but you’re getting there. Be strong, and hang on!

Virgo 2021-2022

Happy Birthday,  Virgo!

From your card, it looks like you’re in a different direction and a more solid platform and new foundation in 2022. It’s a year where you are aware of what has left you, what you must sacrifice, and also of greater happiness to come, and opportunity that couldn’t appear until this year. Open up to the world!