Update on Covid19 Psychic Predictions

The global news is so startling today! No vaccines in Haiti, huge protests in Greece against vaccines, and the Delta variant gaining ground in the U.S.  …it’s prompting me to post what I wrote a client who emailed their reasons for not getting vaccinated.

Nature Will Dominate – May 2021

…what I think is going to happen, because of a lack of vaccinations, is that the virus is about to go CRAZY with its mutations… it has a spectacular end. I’ve written in the past that it’s engineered to kill us, and there’s something uniquely energized at its end. Without rules in place to vaccinate people and without countries’ receiving the vaccine, it has a crazy dance of death at the end. Vaccine makers will need to keep on making vaccines…”

Innovators could develop a fix to escape the fate of not outrunning the coronavirus: a shot or a pill or some innovation that killed them all forever. But in the meantime, leaders of all stripes and large numbers of people seem to have signed up for a science experiment.

P.S. in that email, I don’t mean the virus was engineered to kill any particular people, or that it was set loose on purpose, it was just engineered to kill. This idea showed up in the very first mention of the pandemic in the Summer 2019 newsletter, about something that was coming, “man-made or natural”, that stopped everything.

Healing Tools Class July 20th

July 20th Personal Healing Tools Class

This free class helps deal with a common situation: being in-between an old self and a new self, the known world and the untried.

What are in-between times? It’s when a person feels they’ve outgrown a relationship, a career, a town, a role, or been forced out by circumstances, and are in the necessary but uncomfortable place of not knowing who they are, exactly.

This powerful time is when we’ll listen to our inner selves. It’s when we reach out for support – the necessary action, the necessary yearning, that brings omens and synchronicities we’re now open to.

The doubts that arise in this kind of transitional time spare no one, rich or poor, famous or hidden. Everyone who is growing and changing needs courage to keep on going.

Tonight’s class will start with a channeling and messages for the group, and what the stars suggest is helpful at this time, and some self-help exercises to appreciate the present, and tune in to the future.

I also want to try is one or two experiments with healing energy. One is to see if you can feel a remote energy release technique, and the other is a mediumship development exercise from the Spiritualist Church.

The last 15 minutes of class is “Ask Me Anything”, when I’m happy to give you a psychic answer to your questions. Please use the audio for that if possible, the chat takes too long to type out.

Class Details: 6:15 Mountain Time, 45 minutes, free; July 20th on LearnItLive.com, sign up here.

Psychic Birthday Card for Cancer 2021-2022

Dear Cancerians, although I posted your birthday card and message on LinkedIn and Facebook a couple of weeks ago, I locked myself out of my blog, but it’s back! Here’s your card and birthday message

Happy Birthday, Cancer

Mottos, suggestions, and what you find in your birthday year:

“Don’t stop, but drive slow.”

Time for fun, fishing, and fashion!

Love is in the Air!

All Bets Are Off (A sign of surprises ahead.)

Hard Won, Positive Support.

Plus, all the little messages on your birthday card: “It’s your time! Starting over, starting fresh. You will have more serenity, and sacred space.”