Open Letter Re Tonight’s Mind-Body Integration Class

In case any readers are looking for edutainment tonight, I’m teaching an experiential Symposium Class on Mastering Mental Health, here’s the link for Part 2:,

May 24th Mind Body class

Dear Learners,

Tonight’s class is different than the description, and what we’re going to do shows the mind and body cooperating for balance, for centering, for emotional and creative fulfillment, and teaches you, essentially, to do a magic spell with your energy and intention.  

I want to clarify the two points about the body from the last class: what the body can know and how the body knows first, and how this is a blessing and a curse when you don’t yet have all the answers but you sense you no longer belong where you’re at… people get very antsy in that situation.

The second point addresses how people can feel attacked by the energy of the world, of others, etc., and the exercises we do tonight give a way to center yourself, and re-align with what you choose.

Tonight’s new format and guided experiences were borne of disaster, when I lost the recorded content for the class last week. (Instead I talked about what clients and others have made me aware of lately.)These are make-up experiences that are good for mental health and link the body and mind and your positive future.  Actually, I think this new one is more magical.

Part 2 of Mind Body Spirit Integration class is at 6:30 tonight Mountain, 8:30 pm EST, at

Hope to see you!