Spring Awakening 2021 Symposium Class Tonight

3/26 Join me live at the “Spring Awakenings” virtual symposium. We’ll be talking about Sun conjunct Venus, what’s changing, and where prosperity lies for you now… live tarot and psychic readings, bring your questions https://www.learnitlive.com/Class/Awakening-to-New-Values-in-March-2021/17185/?ref=elissaheyman Check out the other presenters at http://lrnit.lv/springawakenings

Class Tonight: Awakening to New Values in 2021

Aries Psychic Birthday Card

Your Special Psychic Messages for 2021-2022 Birthday Year:

You’re way busier. Get ready, prepare for action. 2022 is your year!

All ways are good ways if how you act in them is a good way – even if you are experiencing something that doesn’t work, or someone who needs to go. You can’t go wrong this year, success is an inside job. Declare “all is well in my world”, meaning, you understand you have control over what you’re paying attention to. Control of your world is a focus this year. Stay lean, stay empty.. it’s a good year to lose excess weight of all kinds. In general, you’re in an especially new-feeling new beginning this year, and be bold with yourself in what you’re willing to both let go of, and embrace.

Aries in the beginning of the year, weren’t supposed to put a lot of cash out unless obviously needed –  the 2nd half of the year was better.

Psychic Horoscopes for Spring 2021

This Spring, the stars conspire to help us go deeper, and see what is really important to us now, and how to constructively pay attention to the dreams and desires we want to manifest. Spring is always a time of new growth and beginnings, but this is a super-new time, the beginning of an 800 year cycle that helps us change our ideas and social structures. There are big wheels turning, and it helps to take the long view where you’re patient with the turbulence of disconnection from the familiar. Take your time, strive to live a balanced life, and Spring 2021 can be a rich and momentous season of personal discovery and growth.

Read Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire signs: You work happily towards a future that involves making more change than you’re expecting! Do not light yourself on fire yet in an effort to get yourself out in the world, it’s better to smolder and stoke the fire. Don’t put a big effort into promoting yourself and marketing your new ideas, it’s better to work on the development and the creation of something.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water signs: You recently came upon something magical, and uniquely yours to capture. Yes, something special is happening! You might develop tunnel vision this Spring, focused on your various interests or concerns. This puts a premium value on your time. New priorities or a greater allegiance to them shape your day. Now there’s a burst of energy for self-realization and to know what’s important to you, what gets you inspired and gets you to do the work. A strong spring start for the water signs!!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air signs: There’s some change in your home. There could be a change in location to where you feel better suited emotionally and financially, and more at peace. Upcoming changes can occur more easily in August. You’re in a much lighter, and if you are contemplating a change, it looks like it really suits you, and puts you more at ease and in a more fulfilling place. Weather the bumpy beginning!

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth signs: Capricorns climb to a more stable, higher, better-feeling circumstance. Earth signs in general are a lot more sure of their direction, of what’s happening, what should make them secure, and where their efforts should go. They go up a notch to the better fate they deserve. Creative endeavors can move ahead.

Albuquerque Women’s Leadership Summit Starts March 2nd 2021

Albuquerque Women’s Leadership Summit Opens March 2nd

It’s virtual, of course! Women in business have new reasons to seek the guidance of experts, as the pandemic changes our workplaces, career directions, business practices, and stress levels. Starting tomorrow (but will be recorded and available online to registrants) the Albuquerque Women’s Leadership Summit presents just the experts we need to hear from now, even if you’re not in business! These are terrific topics for the times, please check out below the opening day talks and keynote speakers.

A new format adapted to pandemic restrictions is a boon for participants, with monthly meetings and bonus events throughout the year, and then meeting in Albuquerque for the grand finale when it’s safe to do so.

Here’s the link to register, and learn from the great program put together by women in business in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Beginning tomorrow, March 2nd 2021, at  2 pm Mountain Time: Albuquerque Women’s Leadership Summit

(but of course you can attend at your leisure online)

Register at http://www.albuquerquewomenleaders.org/


2:00 pm MST – Welcome and Introduction.
by Ginger Whatley, Albuquerque Women Leaders.

2:05pm – Keynote: “Managing Workplace Stress and Anxiety in a Pandemic.”
by Katherine Gabaldon, Regional Marketing Manager, Sysco.

2:35pm – Keynote: “Handling Difficult Conversations with Confidence.”
by Rebekah Vallejos, Sales Manager, AT&T.

3:05pm – Panel: “Building Your Value in Normal and Crisis Times.”
by Panelists: Terrie Hertweck of Albuquerque/Santa Fe Colliers; Heather Holmes of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Lauren Trujillo of HP.

3:35pm – Keynote: “Becoming the Leader You Envision.”
by Rosalie Mata, Managing Partner, Verizon Wireless.

4:05pm – Keynote: “Emotional Intelligence.”
by Karen Gaughan, Director, Global Analyst Relations & 3rd Party Advisor Programs, Fujitsu.

4:30 pm – Conclusion and Upcoming Monthly Speakers Schedule (Included).
by Ginger Whatley, Albuquerque Women Leaders.

B. FUTURE BONUS MONTHLY WEB DATES. Please mark these future monthly web dates scheduled from 2-3 pm EST for an hour each (again all recorded for you to watch at your convenience as well):
– Mar 8, Apr 12, May 10, Jun 14, Jul 12, Aug 9, 2021.
(featuring top women leaders from Southwest Airlines, Symantec, Vanderbilt, Cox, Microsoft, and many more).