Mercury Rx, February Stars, and Covid19 Predictions

Beginning today, Mercury is retrograde in an air sign, and from January 30th through most of February 2021, it’s time to bite your tongue, back up your computer, and mainly, have the patience of Job when it comes to communicating. This too, shall pass… around the last week of the month.

We Want to Get Going! February 2021

However, it’s a terrific time to review, revise, re-boot, and get whatever isn’t working up to speed; you’ll be getting your house in order, literally and figuratively.

February highlights: Urged on by six planets in Aquarius, people make discoveries, create technological work-arounds, and in general innovate both at home and at work in February 2021. People are ready to tackle what life throws at them! Mercury is also retrograde in Aquarius, and in an air sign, lots of communication snafus are to be expected. It’s possible but what a shame, if people spent the time arguing instead of brainstorming. In the middle of February, Saturn and Uranus are square each other: it’s easy to be at odds with people, unless each is committed to reaching an agreement.

Creative Types and Entrepreneurs: for the people with high ambition, with focus, and on a mission… and maybe fighting depression because things are slow: you’ve got two months between the end of February and late April when everything moves forward more easily. While Mercury is retrograde,  revise, review, re-work… simplify and streamline. Opportunity is nigh, and retrogrades are to get ready in!

Big Finish: After an energetic, provocative month, February ends in a grounding grand trine in earth signs. The concrete results of what you’ve weathered are likely to be inward, Mercury retrograde style: to have a better relationship with your own self, featuring growing self-confidence and appreciation that you’ve become stronger.

Covid19 update: The first message I got about Covid19 was: “People are surprised, shocked and disoriented by something very destructive that’s produced or that happens – that they haven’t seen before. It is blighting or causes destruction in the physical world. Something concrete in the U.S. that stops activity is coming, like a government shutdown, like a wall, where nothing can move forward.” (Summer/July 2019 newsletter)

Covid19 may have been produced, it is certainly something destructive that happened. Subsequent updates have predicted giant death tolls, more than people initially expected, and according to the latest flash from yesterday, the toll is going to surprise us again: “There’s going to be such a deluge of dead bodies, such a river of blood -until people get the point – and respond to what causes what. A huge dump of bodies is coming.”

I could be wrong about there being such a big blast of death coming, but if it is right, it could be because of what a couple of scientists said about the origins of Covid19. I saw it today on a Bill Maher YouTube interview. It is very compelling evidence about the unique behavior of an engineered virus. The scientists explain why researchers engineer a virus to study it, and point out all the ways Covid19 acts like one that’s engineered. Except it got out of the lab. Now it’s on the loose in Nature.

With so many planets in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus, innovators are on fire, and science will come to the rescue. Until then, truchas! truchas! (That’s what people in New Mexico say… it translates to trout but it means to tread carefully, be aware; be wary like a trout.)

Two classes coming up: a live version of the February newsletter will be a LearnItLive class on February 15th, 6 pm Mountain. The next night, a Valentine’s Day-ish special on love and the tarot will be at 6 pm Mountain, February 16th. February 28th, “Moving Forward with the Stars”. Details coming…

We Want to Get Going!