Elissa’s December 2020 Psychic Newsletter

Love for Nature, Air, and Water

Dear Friends,

I hope your creative response to the 2020 holiday season has kept you safe … there are a few more Russian Roulette-type celebrations to go!

Looking at the planets tonight, I think this Christmas and New Year’s will be especially creative and magical. Right now the planet of love and creativity, Venus, is conjunct two fixed stars associated with magic, art, and intuition. This is a sign we’ll have a month of spontaneous activity and original ideas – and be careful! – being perhaps too quick to start love affairs.

Back where I’m at on planet earth, social life is pretty much stopped out. It’s sunny and quiet here, while downtown Santa Fe awaits the pitter patter of a million tourist feet.

Best wishes for happy holidays, and a big smile from the blue skies of New Mexico,
Love, Elissa

P.S. There are two horoscopes in this issue, “Eclipse Tips”, and the December 2020 horoscopes.

P.P.S. MysticMag.com features interesting interviews with psychic and healing practitioners, and I was interviewed in the December issue at https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/elissa-heyman-interview/

December 2020 Events
I’m starting something new! Here’s an excerpt from the MysticMag interview about LearnItLive symposiums and what I’m offering this month and coming up soon!

In addition to your private sessions, you also offer Intuition Workshops. Could you tell us a little more about what this entails?

“The pandemic changed that – my downtown office in Santa Fe has been closed since mid-March, and I only work with private clients by phone now. However, I’m just starting to offer some new group experiences online through LearnItLive.com, “The Leading Live Learning Wellness Platform”. It hosts all kinds of teachers with their wellness classes and programs. I took a wonderful class on Past Lives recently with renowned author and metaphysical teacher, Linda Howe.
Many of the experts offer free classes during LearnItLive’s monthly Consciousness and Wellness symposiums. You have to sign up – right now there’s a special on for $2 for two months (use code: 242BF) of teacher access. There’s also a completely free one month code: “SymposiumFree.” I’ll be doing a symposium  tarot class and experience December 9th, and a well-being class and healing experience called “Lullabies for Adults” on December 15th.” 

Free Events with Elissa Heyman on www.LearnItLive.com during their December Consciousness and Wellness Symposium:
December 9 2020: The Tarot as a Tool to Stay Strong in December: This class features live psychic and tarot readings, and a discussion of divination, best practices, and how to work with the tarot as a tool for self-healing and helpful insights. https://www.learnitlive.com/class/15789/The-Tarot-as-a-Tool-to-Stay-Strong-in-December?ref=elissaheyman
December 15 2020: Lullabies for Adults: A bedtime healing story, a guided meditation for calming and balancing your body’s energy, plus ways to raise your positive energy before bed as well as encourage psychic dreams. Half-hour, 7 pm Mountain Time, https://www.learnitlive.com/class/15794/Lullabies-for-Adults?ref=elissaheyman
Be sure to use the code “242BF” or “SymposiumFree” when you sign up!

Private psychic counseling and spiritual healing by phone until we’re vaccinated: 505-982-3294, text 505-577-4012, or email elissa@elissaheyman.com

Messages from the Stars December 2020

November 30th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini:  Big changes take place on eclipses and full moons, and in Gemini, they can change quickly, as can moods and trends. In personal life, the truth of a situation becomes easier to see. Relationships are strengthened, or left. “Letting go of the old to make way for the new” should feel like a natural process and not as hard to accept as other times.
The Eclipse Spirits on Self-Empowerment:   It is filling a longing that makes things happen, that causes creation… let yourself be free to long for what your heart desires.

Eclipse Tips for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: Something that has been a kind of dream, gets real. If you were in a relationship, you would see real progress with it. If you were changing your role in life, or something significant about your career, you would that developing. There is sufficient evidence of new growth, new relationships, new partners, and new goals, to keep you inspired this month.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: With this eclipse, you may find yourself shoring up your own life, your own strength, your own finances; strengthening whomever you are partners with, and eliminating anyone with whom you are really not.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs:All right! Back in the game! There’s something that you’ve lost, but something you’re going for now, and although this time is marked by the ending of things, you can get connected with what you are truly in harmony with, and the future looks bright.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs:Your plans and confidence gets strengthened by being in accord with others, and better plans are made. Your situation next October is so different: have faith in the future!

Psychic Insights and Horoscopes for December 2020

December 2020 There is a powerful entrepreneurial spirit to December, and it also feels like the ending of many things. The main influence is Eclipse Season (November 30th and December 14th), a time of switching gears, switching tactics, and switching roles, when larger changes take place within and without. The eclipses trigger a lot of identity changing to bring about success and to align with what’s new. It’s an energized, somewhat driven atmosphere in which many challenges are met.

Psychic Pictograph: The reason “Love” is in the air, is because the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21st will be in Air signs for the next 200 years, and they have been conjunct in Earth signs for the past 200. Saturn and Jupiter in Air means that now, what creates structure and the world we live in are ideas, principles, collaborations, innovations, and agreements, as well as ideological conflicts and arguments that are much more likely to lead to compromise. That is a big shift from Earth with the focus on the material world, making money, and not respecting the earth, finally.

The other pictograph message is about air and water quality, especially water, and that it’s critical to block whatever is tainting it, or planned for the future.

A note about pictograph color schemes: It’s a good sign for Nature in the future that their colors have changed. For years pictographs have been mostly dark, and only changed to blues and greens for a short period, a little while before Covid hit. At the time, I didn’t know why they changed. Then came the consequences to Nature of everything being shut down in March and April, where the skies cleared up and animals roamed more freely, and nature was refreshed.

On the Winter Solstice, December 21st, the sun moves into Capricorn, sign of the sure-footed goat, climbing up a mountain step by step. It’s a sign to be steady and methodical for success, completing one thing at a time to reach the heights you’re aiming for – and keeping yourself above the fray. The Winter Solstice brings news of the coming year, too, and what stands out are the many scientific and technical innovations debuting in 2021.

What to watch out for this month:  Telling the wrong people what should be kept secret, and paying the consequences; being exposed to anyone prone to fits of rage because now they could have a very short fuse; recognizing scammers who will be out in full force. Be careful who you take in, and who and what you believe.

Political Power: Plots for power are still on the rise, as are brutish actions to keep in power, and oppressive regimes who “silence” people. There is greater muddying of the waters to sway the direction of society.

Health: The purity of water supplies and protecting them legally should be the biggest concern in terms of immediate problems to solve, as well as protecting air quality. New cancers or growths like tumors show up, possibly related to Covid.

Psychic Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth signs

(Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs)

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: You’re in a good place this month, with new ideas about financial success, and perhaps some concerns about money. You’re still trying to get things in order – it’s a practical month of getting things done. You’re aware of responsibilities and the goal is to keep up with them. Re self-care, there might be new regimes for your health and well-being, or goals you’re establishing, or goals you need to establish! You emerge stronger in January. 

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Something right and positive and that you are excited about is in motion, but it is delayed, as if the world doesn’t meet you to give it to you – something unexpected happens, although whatever has been cooking is great! What to do if you meet a bump in the road? Remember that it’s not as significant as all the forces you have commanded that are pushing you forward. Glitches aside, you should enjoy a new lightness of being this month.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Something works out very well for you financially. It looks like the gods are on your side when it comes to being given what you need, to establish what you want. And hold on, some of you are going for a wild ride, as if everything in your life gets magnified and more intense! As long as you’re inspired by what is coming to you, the end of your year has a much more solid feeling to it.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: You are moving ahead with inspired and creative projects, and have adventurous ideas this month! It might be time to travel as well as expand professionally: taking a risk on people and on new circumstances is in the air, and yet it looks like it’s kind of nerve-wracking, like you’re wondering if you can do it all. Be careful of a tendency towards over-expansion, over-promising, and just over-doing in December, and you’ll be fine.

Elissa Heyman is a psychic counselor and spiritual healing practitioner based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She gives private sessions by phone at 505-982-3294, text 505-577-4012, or elissa@elissaheyman.com In December 2020 Elissa will take part in an online symposium through LearnItLive.com, offering free workshops, tarot readings, and guided meditations. To sign up, please go https://www.learnitlive.com/invite/ElissaHeyman