November 22nd Psychic Diary

Sunday’s Psychic Serendipities: I had a flash today of the future, and what I felt coming in the U.S. was a huge wave of reconnection in the hearts of people about what it means to “be an American”, as the battle for the identity of America continues. The only, final solution that worked was giving to the poor. Systems needed to be created that were inclusive. Only policies enacted that made life more equitable and less miserable, and that made an immediate difference, would bring peace, economic relief, and gain.

As soon as I wrote this down, it was time to get ready for a client. They turned out to be someone deeply involved in Covid19 research and vaccine distribution, and were debating what institutions to partner with, the criterion for them being: which one has departments that serve the poor and underserved? Who already understands the importance of that ? It was their observation too that this is what needs to be done.

Revisiting September’s Pictograph, and Am I Witness to Cyber-attacks on Georgia?

The very thing I feared the American people could not overcome – the corruption, gerrymandering, election interference, etc. – they seem to have overcome very handily, thank you very much. As of now, the United States appears on track to become a democracy once again, unless something even more jaw-dropping happens here. Re future predictions, I’ll resume them when I learn whether the May 2020 messages about Covid19 in 2020 and 2022 are accurate to what actually happens then, or if they are only a projection of the direction we were going in May 2020.

The one idea left out of that 2022 message in the May 2020 newsletter was that the coronavirus seemed “over” instead of spread “o’er the land” as it was described in the 2020 message. In 2022, people were more aware of disrupted lives and economic damage.

Before moving on, I feel like taking another pass at my own inscrutable psychic pictograph for September 2020, with its 3rd panel about what happens after the election. The interpretation of the first two panels are correct so far, about how nobody is helped by a new stimulus package, and how something jaw-dropping happens re the election. But I never knew what the third panel meant, with a spindly 2020 spelled out in Trump’s trademark orange, against a black background.

September 2020 Jawdropping

I wrote: “September 2020 USA Pictograph: (“Jaw-Dropping). At first a lot of talk but no action, a lot of grey area, as in nebulous and not committed, and hard to see or say what’s really happening. This is when election interference and propaganda campaigns ramp up – and what is jaw-dropping is that people are not helped. With all the natural disasters and economic catastrophes, the lack of government help and what people are accepting or rather having to accept, is jaw-dropping. Also jaw-dropping is whatever happens with this election.”

Given the Biden win and the continuing chaos, I understand the last panel to be about the end of Trump. It’s a narrow panel but he’s still in power in 2020, still destroying, creating uncertainty, and still not moving us out of the way of Death. Perhaps he’s replaced by Pence because he appears to no longer be in the flesh – as if only his White House is in power.

Re cyber-attacks and ongoing election issues, I’ve been having a personal experience with my email that I find jaw-dropping. It leads me to believe Democrats in Georgia are being cyber-attacked. (Unless it’s my ignorance about how email works and somehow I’m the one who generated this phenomenon!) Today, November 17th, if I try to click on any email link from Jon Ossoff’s campaign, the page turns into one of those red “you’re on a dangerous site” pages; it instructs you to get off immediately. In a separate incident, a reliable source I know tried to join a Zoom class to help Democrats in Georgia, but the entry process appeared to corrupted; it didn’t allow them to join the training. It looks like Democrats in Georgia are the victims of online sabotage!

Elissa’s November 2020 Newsletter – The Distraction Edition

Dear Friends,

Election Day Prayer to Not Learn the Hard Way

I was very naughty in the middle of a pandemic – maybe “crazy” is a better word for it – and left Santa Fe for a spur of the moment road trip to pick up something I really, really wanted in Atlanta.  Being cooped up for months gave me such an appreciation of driving through glorious Fall landscapes! I was in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, before heading back over the New Mexico border.

In Memphis in what is now a historic arts district, there is the most amazing hotel! It’s the Central Station Memphis, in the Curio Collection by Hilton, a gigantic and airy train station converted into an art and music-centric hotel, with great rhythm and blues playing in the rooms when you walk in and in the bar, which has a huge music library. The walls are decorated with remarkably good art everywhere, and in the rooms.

I spent a few days in Tulsa, staying with friends and working with clients – and finally started using my phone camera when I got to do readings in a mansion with this beautiful staircase . But I just took a few pictures, because I began looking at everything like what kind of picture it would make, instead of looking at what it was!

Waiting Room Staircase in Tulsa

I visited a couple of great art museums in Tulsa,  and what made me grab my camera at the Philmount was this magical little cabin tucked away in the gardens, with stained glass windows and colorful ornaments.

A highlight of the trip back to Santa Fe was stopping in the mysterious town of Chandler, Oklahoma.  I needed some water, and a billboard appeared just then welcoming me to “The Friendly Town of Chandler.” I turned off the highway, and was immediately confused by a toll booth hidden right around the corner, which unlike the last toll booth, was unmanned. I just drove right through its red light, not seeing how it worked, and feeling like an uneasy criminal for the next few miles. There was no town I could see… maybe I was being lured somewhere! After an eerie couple of miles some buildings appeared, and I pulled up next to a big red “Bail Bonds” sign.  In front of me was a nice wooden bench in the sun, and a store with Gothic lettering and dark windows decorated for Halloween.

I poked my head in to see what was inside the black windows of “Eternal Autumn”, and darn if it wasn’t a little metaphysical center! Amazing in a town of 3000 people in Oklahoma!  It was decorated with tarot cards and crystals and fabulous Halloween regalia. Then I noticed the two women sitting off to the side, and they were definitely in the psychic business. I bought a crystal from Arkansas for my car, and after a few minutes of conversation, pulled out the Speaking Stones and my tarot to play Show and Tell,  because it’s fun to play psychic games with other psychics! Afterwards, one of them gave me a tour of their historic home, also filled to the brim with Halloween-themed décor. She should make a video for all to see!

Their unique and spooky art spot is called “Eternal Autumn” – where you can also get a psychic reading – and you can see some of the collection at—Retail/Eternal-Autumn-105589464508682/

Another time I needed water and got off the highway, I had a very different experience, and a big warning about America as a budding police state. I had pulled into a parking lot with a lot of cars in it. Reaching into my bag to get some money, I noticed one of my stones got loose, the one in the photograph that looks like an owl. Not only are the Speaking Stones a divination system, they can also message me when I’ve got a lesson to learn… I put it in my pocket because it made me pay attention to it, and figured it had something to show me.

The Speaking Stone That Warns Me to Pay Attention

The lot I pulled into had a gorgeous car in the lot that was like an art piece, or maybe it was an art piece. In Tulsa at the Philmount, I had just seen Santa Fe’s Rose B. Simpson’s customized black El Camino, elegantly displayed in the garden in a big white cargo case.

I got out and circled it and started taking pictures. I can’t show you how cool it was because immediately two policemen materialized out of nowhere, and told me picture-taking was illegal. It was private property, and now I needed to show them my identification. I accompanied them into a building that was heavy with cigarette smoke and nobody was wearing masks. They shone a flashlight into my purse, and my driver’s license was not in it. The tension in the room was almost unbearable because the police seemed so distrustful, and the smoke-filled room we stepped into was shocking. I never came up with my license but they were ready to leave me alone, and told me I should get water somewhere else. From now on, I would not do anything possibly provocative in public if I didn’t know the area.

When I got across the New Mexico border, suddenly there were plenty of signs about Covid posted in store windows, and people were wearing masks, and I felt so much safer with that statewide policy in place.

Now I’m back in Santa Fe,  quarantining for a couple of weeks, and getting ready to add some new features to my private psychic counseling and healing practice… read all about it below!

Happy Election Day, and I hope I distracted you for a few minutes… and remember if you’re standing in line somewhere, “No pressure, no diamonds.”  Shine on, America!



November 2020 Events

“A New Modality in the Time of Covid: Today a package arrived on my waiting room doorstep, a gift of a deck of tarot cards –  a Rider Waite version from Siren Imports I’d never seen before called the “Original Tarot”. I like them a lot, and since they appeared so magically right before my first Zoom class, I’ll be using them during a new kind of spiritual communion group experience, a “New Moon Manifesting Party”, Sunday, November 15th, from 1 – 2 pm Mountain Time.  The class is part of a giant offering organized in the Learn It Live Symposium to present a cornucopia of classes and experiences from different practitioners on the topic of “Consciousness in the Time of Covid.” My gathering and many others are free to members, and to become a member is free … there are a lot of resources on this site! Here’s a description and link to the class: can join 100% Free with the Code “FreeSymposium” as a LiL+ Member

Individual Sessions: I am only working over the phone in Santa Fe, but you can always reach me for a psychic counseling and spiritual healing session at 505-982-3294 or by email,, or by text, 505-577-4012.

November 2020 Psychic Horoscopes – The Distraction Edition

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

It’s ShowTime in the U.S.A., November 3rd, 2020! If you’re a U.S. citizen and you’ve already voted, this is no time for predictions, especially mine. It’s time to be distracted some more by your horoscope! These purely personal messages are about your post-election, post-Mercury Retrograde, rest of November 2020.

The November psychic pictograph is about Covid19, and that this month it means business, and its business is killing us, literally.  It’s a quick-witted professional, so beware.

Candle Readings!  For our mutual entertainment, I did something different, a candle reading for each of the Fire, Water, Air, and Earth signs. This is done by dripping a candle in a bowl of water, and reading the design the wax droplets make and how they aggregate and move in the water.

For All Signs: The November new moon in Scorpio, the sign associated with death and resurrection, signals that the fastest way to move ahead is to let go of anyone or anything you resent. Resentment will clog your creative channels and fill you up, when you want to be empty for what’s new.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:  Go with what’s new, and what is the most organized… what feels “above” you – that you have to reach for!  Be aware of branding, and don’t worry about what you might leave behind; only pay attention to what feels like a strong connection. You’re freed of something, done with something, coming up with new goals, feeling better, and being kinder.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: New beginnings, being well and much better, being able to let things go and not worried so much, being able to help others, but importantly, going back to your own world.  A lot of things fade into the background, or if they’re there, are less important. Loose and happy, light and lovely, something good has come your way!

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Like a hook coming out of the sky, something delivers you to a new place. There’s a sense of things being dispersed. What are your prospects?  Somethingnew? Or something you know, tried and true? You re-evaluate priorities and accommodate to what’s changing – it’s a little hard to read the mix of signs coming to you – the trick is to stay flexible and upbeat.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: A flower finds itself in the middle, not concerned about past events or the stories of the people around… and then, when the time is right, it links strongly to form firm connections. Take your time. (Translation:  Earth signs tend to get more fully empowered by themselves, not paying too much attention now to others, and no longer concerned about the past; but when they are ready, like a flower when it’s fully open, they make good and lasting connections with people.) Earth signs are all about making things solid  now, and getting things in working order.