Mars at War, Mercury Rx, and Your Psychic Horoscope

Theme of this period, October 9th-November 3rd: “Functioning well”. Finding common ground, and making things function better is what we’re prompted to do by our Better Selves.

What to Expect: tremendous fighting! Crazy big fighting with Mercury retrograde in Scorpio within minutes of Sun in Libra opposite Mars retrograde in Aries…people dig their heels in, they have particular trouble letting go and moving on. The planets point to a difficult time for divided people to come to agreements. A couple of days later, the Sun in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. People square off who are on “sides”. And today, Mars retrograde in Aries is squared Pluto: people are quick to rail against the machine, or anything, really.

Today February 9th, Mars retrograde squares Pluto: The Past wants to pipe up, and it’s got a bone to pick. The airing of grievances can get out of hand right now. Whatever your grievance, just fageddaboutit  for your own sake. Chaos and conflict are in the air at historic levels, ready to connect with your egoic self and steal your time and energy. Dodge it by letting go and laying low. Funnel that very same super strong and determined energy swirling around into what you’re trying to effect in your life.  

Blessings from the Stars: For any system or person trying to organize activities, it’s an excellent time to create new efficiencies and new order to meet any changing conditions. For everyone, personal plans and how to get something done becomes much easier with new information, new tools, and new skills that begin to develop in this Mercury retrograde period.

October 13th Warning: An aspect that is generally energizing, Sun opposite Mars, can create breakthroughs in how to be successful with partnerships this week, but it can also, if people are arrogant and self-centered, feed the flames of indignant egos everywhere. To stay on the sunny side of the street, be a student, learn from everything and everyone – and from your own mistakes, which you must forgive immediately to keep going and stay strong.

Luck! Believe it or not, this can be a lucky time – luck now is truly a matter of being ready when opportunity strikes. “Being ready” as opportunity sweeps through your landscape, scooping up whomever is ready and likely transforming them, can create striking change in individuals’ lives. Opportunities are manifesting just like a lot of other things, if you are ready to seize them and go with it.

People with New Ideas should develop them in the dark, as others can oppose them at this time.

People with Plans: This Mercury retrograde, it’s likely that plans have to be revised, so if you’re not sure of your plans, don’t put your money down until you’re sure it’s happening.

Mercury Retrograde and You, October 13th November 3 rd 2020

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: This is a time you might react to what you encounter, but it would be good if you don’t show it. Being neutral is a useful skill. Being aware and awake and ready to help will be noticed. However, it is still somewhat of an alone time, a respite, when you tidy up and make new rules for yourself. New realizations about where your life is going are likely.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: Water signs make a vicious attack on all their undone tasks and what needs to be cleaned up. You might be surrounded by more bickering and fighting than usual. A mysterious day is coming up although of course its effect may not be right on the day. October 27th, the moon is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, and then goes on to favorably aspect Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. This can go different ways: it can be a dreamy special day, and then when Mercury and Venus enter Libra in the evening, you enter a period where there’s more balance in your life, and time for your own pursuits. But if at this time you are not honest and on the up and up, and are trying to deceive someone, your actions could trigger a long, drawn-out tale of woe.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Your ideas will be tested and put to the test. A great deal can be accomplished toward your goals in the coming new moon in Libra cycle that begins October 16th. Anything that doesn’t work will be glaringly obvious. Forget your mistakes, and put your best foot forward!

Taurus,Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs:  Earth signs are going to have fantastic new ideas. Write them down! “We are willing to help you,” say the spirits, “if  you are willing to listen. To be obedient to one important goal and dream – to calm down, and stop pushing, as you make way for more joy. It’s coming… you’ll be deliriously happy by next Spring that something is over, and something new has begun.”