Weekend Stars and Tuesday’s Magical New Moon in Leo

Coming up is a dramatic, creative, warm and testy week all at once! Here’s a rundown of planetary activity this weekend through August 22nd, when the Sun moves out of the drama and into work-oriented Virgo.

August 15th Uranus Rx and Tuesday’s New Moon in Leo

Saturday, August 15th : Uranus goes retrograde as Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer: Making the home comfortable and beautiful is a rewarding weekend activity, as is enjoying loved ones, but it’s easy for connections to miss, and things not to go as planned. Let it go.  Creative ideas pop up now and for a long time to come about how to build a new foundation.

The impact of Uranus going retrograde in Taurus is to break through stuck places within one, because at the same time, the moon conjunct Venus conjunct signals a time when a person can get strong within themselves, when their feelings and will and what they want to create can better align and make things happen. People go through a lot of strengthening personal changes from now until the end of the year. A symbolic turnaround for Western calendar users, Uranus goes direct on New Years Day, January 1st 2021. People move forward with renewed vigor.

Uranus Rx Guidance Message about how to resolve personal conflict: What’s done is done or fixed in place, and shutting the door on the past is the fastest way out of conflict with it. To tough anything out, to fight anything out, to believe in something greater than recovery, renewal, or peace, is to court an intensifying fight.

This is a time when people can recognize both their audience and their foes.

August 18th New Moon in Leo: Boom! It’s ground zero for an awful lot of action, communication, and nailing things down. Individuals with creative projects trying to get something done are running around like crazy. This time is full of connections that are like an electric jolt.

A great deal of joy could be had by things that develop this week. Celebrate communication: communicate to others about who you are; be positive and look on the bright side; now is when networks are strengthened and can grow!  (This message is for individuals; collectives like countries have different outcomes with the same energies.)

August 19th-20th, the Islamic New Year, is a great time to make a wish or do magic!  It helps you ascend to a state of higher productivity. Take the initiative and be prolific in your efforts!

August 22nd when the Sun goes into Virgo, the flames of August turn into action, and the work begins.

Enjoy all the planets’ lively communions this mid-August weekend, and like the Leo sun sign, enjoy and be your creative self in the days and weeks to come!

Constituents’ Power and How To Wield it This Week

It worked in Montana: “Constituents” yelling to their elected officials and at the illegitimate Trump appointee postmaster, getting in the postmaster general’s illegitimate face – and in Montana he stopped trucks from hauling away peoples’ mailboxes before the election.

Around the country recently, mail sorting machines have been removed and destroyed and thrown into dumpsters. Last night on Rachel Maddow, co-founder of Indivisible.org Ezra Levin had a great suggestion for how to stop this from happening, and how to save the U.S. Post Office, and thereby, the chance for a fair election. He explained that Democrats have power in this situation, and they should use it, and what would make them use it is if every one of us did this:

What any constituent can do specifically is to take the time to contact the Republican, Independent, Democratic representatives and senators in your state – call/email/write ALL of them, requesting they come back EARLY FROM THEIR VACATION for emergency hearings to save the election and the USPS – to demand the reversal of all these actions and new rules that cripple mail delivery, and give the USPS their Covid19 relief money. The Democrats have the power to hold these illegitimate post office officials accountable, and the time to use it is right this minute! Ask Google for the names and contacts of the elected officials in your state, they should display and it takes less than a minute to do each one.

Time to Get Into the Streets of the Internet with your Pots and Pans
Time to Get Into the Streets of the Internet with your Pots and Pans

August 2020 Psychic Predictions Left Out of Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I got tired of all the bad news in my August newsletter, and especially didn’t like what divination had to say about November 2020, so I left out the “Looking Ahead” paragraph. But I just saw there’s an unusual weather phenomenon in Nebraska, and that’s what this paragraph mentions:

Looking Ahead August weather gets extreme and natural catastrophes are hard on real estate -Nebraska or Kansas can suffer. September, things lighten up; there’s a different feeling, and more enthusiasm for life, and more people dreaming again. October, the focus is more on economic problems, and fixing things. In November, we could find ourselves back in the same old pit. Is that a virus surge, or a stolen U.S. election? There’s only one justification for suggesting such horrors: it points to having to do more to secure the vote, the post office, and democracy than we individually are doing.

Looking at this, I am wondering if there is going to be some kind of breakthrough with the pandemic in September that helps Donald Trump, that makes it go away or look that way! Where people are again able to dream, and start trying to fix their lives… what worries me is the message we can be in “the same old pit” in November.

The weather phenomenon that is destructive to real estate and happening right now in Nebraska is called a “derecho”

August 2020 weather prediction for Nebraska

“New World Order” and a 2020 Trump Win

The December 2019 newsletter included a divination with an outlandish final message, but after seeing clips of Trump this weekend with the multi-millionaires cheering him on, I saw how that 2020 prediction is even logical. The psychic messages in the East, South, and West appear to have all come true; the outlandish one is in the North. Here’s the original post (Note: the messages coming from each direction don’t mean that the message is for the Eastern or Western part of the country – it means the insight is received in a divination circle, coming from that direction. The directions are each associated with one of the four elements.)

“Out in the World: These messages reflect what’s in the air at the tail end of November 2019, and not yet manifest. These potentials all seem to be about the U.S., except where noted. East: The aura and collective consciousness of the country gets dimmer and less considerate and inclusive. South: More prisons are built. West: There’s a dissipation of order and unity among “the people” and the (Democratic) party that represents the needs of the people. North: An arc of communication connects the U.S. and Russia, an outreach from the White House to Russia that lays the groundwork for a new world order and form of government.”

Re: More prisons are being built in the U.S., this is from a July 2020 California paper:

“A Native American tribe in Southern California wants to build an 8,400-bed prison on its remote reservation next to the Salton Sea and lease it to the state — a project that would be the first of its kind in the nation.”

The possibility of Trump and Putin joining forces now makes sense, because I saw the club! It’s the super rich! Putin devotee Trump would be thrilled to be included in that league shaping a new world order. .. it could not be done without him! No wonder people like Zuckerberg and Musk are cooperating with the Trump administration, they are in the same club.

So, bettah’ get out there and vote in massive amounts… so massive, democracy can still take hold. The element that is associated with the North is Earth. Earth represents what happens, what the outcome is, what is concrete, what is built, so voting is muy importante to counter that Earth position, indicating the potential to manifest on the earth. People will be stopped from voting, but just like salmon swimming upstream, some get caught by bears but they’re all trying – and a lot make it.

P.S. This psychic message about Trump and Putin reminds me of being the “Albuquerque and Santa Fe Spiritual Examiner” for the now-defunct Examiner.com. I wrote an article maybe around 2011, positing that the modern anti-Christ figure was the combination of Trump and Putin. At some point later the Examiner fired me, first deleting my 547 posts before I had a chance to retrieve them – I would love to see that particular one now!

Everyone is going to be angry, and that works for Trump
Getting Everyone Angry is a Strategy