Join World Unity Week June 20-27 -It’s Free and Fascinating

The Light of Connection 2020

I can’t wait for my first experience during  World Unity Week, a brainstorming technique called “Thoughtstorm”.  I wish I’d gotten on the ball sooner – it’s the 3rd day already. There is a ton to explore and connect with in World Unity Week’s online programs.  It’s seven days packed with amazeballs offerings from all over the world, free.

Here’s something interesting to go to, an expansive group consciousness experience, it sounds like: SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday June 25th; Experience Unitive Wholeness, Hosted by Dr. Julie Krull and Shelley Darling, with the Good of the Whole Mentoring Stewards and the Connection Field Team! Time: 4:00-6:00 pm Eastern On the World Unity Week Main Stage.

Saturday the 27th, you can sign up for a Modern Toltec Purification Ceremony! I want to see how they do healing work on Zoom!

Wait, there’s a lot more. People with something to offer can host their own meeting. Everybody you ever heard of in the consciousness and healing and sustainable living fields is involved in this -there are all kinds of fascinating presentations.

So many retrograde planetary energies make it not so easily heard about, so share the links below with your friends! It’s like a new way to play and learn with people all over the world! The available experiences go on and on in this sophisticated, soulful, creative and free learning and sharing atmosphere created by World Unity Week on these different sites:,, (Four Worlds Institute).

Summer 2020 Psychic Pictograph

Summer 2020 – Somebody Is Really Gonna Try to Take Over

Although I expected the Summer Solstice Psychic Pictograph to be about what grows best this summer, it is about the giant push to stay in power that the Republican Party/Trump embark on this season. Expect a full-on onslaught to get Trump re-elected or at least to stay on top and running things, from those in power now: it will be comprehensive and like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Summer 2020 Wish Game and Solstice Psychic Insights

Whatever else is going on in the world in the Summer of 2020, it happens to be a good time to make a particular kind of wish, and do a little magic spell for yourself. The forces of nature moving now can present you with new ways to have your heart’s desire manifest.

Summer 2020 Wish Game

The wish to make, if you play this game with the Universe, should give you new or improved ways to up your sense of well-being. Make the wish about your creative fulfillment, your emotional fulfillment, and personally feeling good.

Making a wish about being able to fulfill yourself emotionally and creatively this watery, fluid, heavy-feeling season, is the easiest kind for these eclectic Summer forces to grant.

As well as this cycle’s propensity to make things “show up”, “water-heavy” also means the shit hits the fan with ease… instant karma! There is in no lag-time between mistake and correction… this gives the season a fiery quality because a lot happens.

In a positive-energy scenario such as connection-making around goals, things can move quickly, networks can form… anywhere there is trust, from new employees to friends you meet online. August can show the fruit of new connections made in this watery, fiery season. It should also show you the fruit of your wish, if it doesn’t show up beforehand!

When is a good time to cast a personal spell? You are actually doing it all the time, according to the law Energy Follows Thought, or as Reverend James of New Orleans put it: “The direction you look is the way you are going.” Your focus and the emotions behind it are what make things happen. However, this week when Neptune goes retrograde and imagination is high, plus Venus is going direct and the new moon eclipse has passed, is a very good time!

Elissa’s Mid-June Psychic Newsletter with June 2020’s Significant Stars

Things Feel Different and So Do You in June 2020

Dear Friends, 

I know if I subscribed to this newsletter, the first thing I’d do is scroll down to the horoscopes… if you’d like to receive them sooner than later, I posted these June 4th on Facebook, for instance, and on my blog at: “June 2020 Full Moon Eclipse Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs. There’s usually at least a week lag-time from when I post them and when I send out the month’s newsletter.

Practicing the art of divination is always an experiment, that’s what keeps it exciting! These eclipse horoscopes below for June and beyond were from two outdoor psychic circles (no divination tools): the 1st set were channeled before George Floyd ignited the world, and the 2nd , just after the protests started.

I am just concluding an online Zoom course that was full of a warrior spirit! The teachers and students were assembled to spread healing techniques and specifically, the Native American “talking circle” communion and healing process, in its many forms. A couple of hundred people from around the world participated, and took turns leading the circles to practice the talking circle format according to its principles. Being involved in this project and my own projects makes me realize that life is beautiful depending on what I choose to pay attention to and participate in, and what I’m thinking about and creating.  

Next week is the Summer Solstice! I hope you enjoy all the fruits of the new season, and below is a little channeled message about how to prosper in it…



Itinerary: I’m still only working over the phone. To schedule a psychic counseling and spiritual healing session by phone, text 505-577-4012, phone 505-982-3294, or email

Psychic Messages from the Stars and Eclipse Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

June’s Psychic Pictograph meaning: New ideas, new players, and a new game board of possibilities swirl in the different landscape of June 2020. Stay alert, stay upbeat, and be open about where what you want might show up, and how. It’s all brand new. Republicans go through big changes.

Friday’s (June 5th) full moon in Sagittarius can have two striking effects: Some people will choose to act out of their higher consciousness under the influence of the benefic planet Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius. Demanding reforms and making systems compassionate gets a boost from this energy. Its other major effect is that people tend to be daring and act impulsively. If their spontaneous actions are destructive, the effect can scatter far and wide. Because the full moon is also a lunar eclipse, the response to what happens is magnified.

2020 Eclipse Season and the USA: There are three more eclipses coming this year that directly affect the U.S. in terms of its astrological chart: on its birthday July 4th, the full moon lunar eclipse is opposite its natal sun, and that can point to a “change in fortune”, and weakness in one’s financial status, health, and leader. 

On the solar New Moon eclipse coming up shortly on the Summer Solstice,  the flame is lit for a new identity while a lot of what “has been”, goes up in flames. (Somewhere in these previous posts is a message about a lot of conflict toward the end of June 2020.)

On November 30th, the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius is conjunct the country’s rising sign. This signals the end of one U.S. “self”, and that a different image and identity is around the corner. The Jupiter-Pluto conjunction late June in Capricorn suggests that the biggest changes ever are coming to the United States, and all efforts to manifest a higher vision of unity and justice should go full speed ahead whether people can see success or not.

It’s all going to change into a more just world, no matter how dark the dawn before the light. It could be one long dark dawn, though… the oppressive impact of the heavy outer planets on global governments goes on until 2026-27. (On this subject, I just read a terrific article by someone I heard Michael Moore recommend for vice-president, the thrillingly, chillingly, truth-telling Michelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness.” Her current thinking and leadership skills are on display at:  

June 18th 2020, Mercury in the Water sign Cancer goes retrograde with many other retrograde planets opposing it: This can be a pretty moody time beginning roughly June 18th but probably before, because Mercury in Cancer in general makes people really feel their thoughts, and feel the emotions that result in a thought. Stay focused on positive things for best results! As I wrote to my Pisces sister, “There are so many planets in water signs, it’s hard to not be emotionally affected by things right now.”

You can have feelings of not being in control, and that it’s hard to stay focused.  But it’s also a time when “shortcuts”, time-savers, ways to get out of situations and avoid scams, cons, or traps, will spontaneously and instinctively occur to you. Trust your sense to dodge, or your self-preserving thoughts!

If your goals call for your willingness and skills and refer to what you uniquely know, Mercury retrograde in Cancer is a very good time to receive inspiration. Its hallmark is that what you come to understand now, can lead to a method or manner that would be quicker and more direct and to the point.

Mid-June to Mid-July Follies and Happy Surprises: The traditional warning about Mercury being a time to check details twice holds true now. It’s easy to get confused and get appointment times wrong and make mistakes on forms, and have a system stop functioning. Stay on top of changing details! It’s not a great time to make commitments or assume you know what’s happening into the future, and in your life. It’s a time to get used to the changing, fluid nature of the present and its opportunity for personal change.

However, something special about Mercury in Cancer, the natural ruler of the 4th house dealing with home, is that things that have been lost can find their way home; circumstances a long time in-process can finally manifest; and the general idea of “return to” – and returning to your own sense of your genuine self can occur in with Mercury in Cancer. Also, time for home repairs and fixing things up!

Neptune in Pisces goes retrograde June 22nd: If someone has been deceiving you, this is a likely time to become aware of it. It’s also a likely time for people to come around that WANT to deceive you! Buyer beware…

(Speaking of which, someone called me yesterday that has spent around $1000 on a scam site called “Elissa-psychic”. According to one alert caller, the fine print at the bottom of the computer-generated emails states “Elissa-psychic” is in fact a software program and not a person. This scam is still going strong since at least 2018, and according to another alert caller, it takes an act of Congress to deal with it. If you got scammed, call your credit card company’s fraud dep’t, report the site, and get your money back.)

June 30,th Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn conjunct, opposite Mercury Retrograde in Cancer: Yuck, the news is bad. What people empowered by institutions want to do, and what other people want to do, are two different things. Big-time conflict ensues. It depends on your personal planets how individuals are impacted, but in general one is faced with having to adjust to circumstances beyond their control, causing them to have to upgrade their skills, change their course, decide to invest in different aspects of themselves that are more what they “feel” they should do, and in general upset their own status quo – that is,  if your life it ain’t workin’ in this pandemic environment. Everything that isn’t working or that needs to be done is revealed.

Summer is Coming!: I do have a channeled message about its fiery, watery nature, but I’ll put it in a separate blog post on the Solstice, and in the next newsletter. 

What is Happening to Trump? The June 2020 pictograph (posted June 4th) shows a black “R” with the message that Republicans go through big changes. How big, I wonder? I’ve puzzled over something I once saw that could just be wrong, or a surprise development.  In 2016 I did a psychic look-see about who would be the Republican and Democratic candidate for president.  First it showed Bernie Sanders not even on the screen as in not a chance, and it showed Hillary Clinton winning. Then it showed Hillary darting in and out of the screen, as in not a sure bet for winning the presidency, and going in and out to the end. For the Republican candidate to-be, I saw a big tall guy with slicked-back dark hair walking up stairs to a podium.

 I’ve pondered in posts why Trump didn’t show up, and I believe it’s because he energetically fits the role of “agent of destruction” and “agent of change” and not “president”. This didn’t stop him from getting elected because apparently it is that time in U.S. history for an “agent of destruction.” This is how the seer Baba Vanga of Bulgaria, who died in 1995, described Trump:  Baba Vanga accurately predicted the 44th president of the United States would be an African American man, and the second part of her prediction was that he would also be the last U.S. president. The latest headlines suggest that Trump’s mysterious condition (people are speculating because of his impaired walk off a plane this weekend) can’t be hidden from the public much longer. If there’s total implosion, I wonder who will be the Republican candidate then, or who will the candidate be if Mitch McConnell thinks Trump can’t win?  

June 2020 Full Moon Eclipse Horoscopes for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth SignsRead your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:This is when many of you find channels for your power or creativity that have been denied, or were just not possible before. There’s a breakthrough in your connection to the world to nurture. A lot of action would give this leap traction, so be willing to work and put in the energy. Be careful with your words: they can impact more people then you are expecting. Be truthful but not judgmental.
2: Full Moon Eclipse message: The spirits say, “Oh, you’re aghast at the feedback! Feedback about what?” This suggests you could regrettably speak before you think. Be true with your words, be gentle, and be kind. Be willing to do what you’re asked by what feels like “divine”… because now, your creativity is poppin’! Time to make your best stuff! You’re likely to let go of things this eclipse full moon, the way a balloonist throws sandbags overboard so he can rise higher and go where he wants.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: You’re ready to swing into action whether the world is ready for you or not. You need more information to make a decision or see what’s happening. This is not a time when you have power to act, even with the very strong desire to do so that you emit.
Full Moon Eclipse message: Stay focused on the small; examine how things are growing gradually… be happy with what it is that you can see, and let the wild waves of the world wash over you. Seek to refresh your spirit and get back to the understanding of what is in the purview of your control and what isn’t. Then you can relax, be healthy, and be happy. Know that your spirit guides are close by now, and will be all the way through November. In December, there’s some sort of spiritual change — some sort of welcome change.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: You are getting what you want this June! If there have been obstacles, it looks like they are eliminated. It looks like you have the support that you sought, and are very happy about it. It looks like you can continue with plans unobstructed.
Full Moon Eclipse message: It all feels like too much, you have to slow down, you have to take in less… this can be a very exhilarating time and opportunities are in the air, but you need more time to rest than the other signs, and don’t try to perform while overwhelmed. Find ways to stay in balance and seek what kind of breaks are soothing.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Something gets set up that establishes you far away, or far into the future. It is stabilizing. Something can happen that looks good… you get more word about it in July. So you can rest easy, the connection has already been established.
Full Moon Eclipse message: Hold on to your horses, you’re moving too fast. Don’t get too excited about what’s to come, keep on working on establishing what you’re building. Keep on strengthening yourself, and getting things done. Write down your ideas but do not think you need to be in a rush, or that you should be moving faster or in a different place by now: Everything is A-OK.