Summer 2018 psychic predictions

Summer 2018 Psychic Newsletter with Events, Predictions, and Horoscopes

[st_text id_wrapper=”text_3168eb477ae7e672426ecf8edf2ab3fd” ]The Summer 2018 Psychic Newsletter is posted in its entirety on my website at Little bits of it have been posted on the blog since early June – here’s the beginning:

Dear Friends,

Are you planning to do something just for fun this Summer, maybe go somewhere new? I felt so much better once I arranged a weekend getaway, I highly recommend escaping somewhere. Here’s what I’m looking forward to: a big barbecue in Georgia, playing music on ancient American instruments, and exploring secret historical sites… if something interesting shows up and I’m allowed to reveal it, I will write a report! This Summer has five planets retrograde so don’t expect to change the world. What grows best now is inner strength, personal productivity, and knowledge about taking care of yourself. I’m looking forward to seeing some of you here in Santa Fe, a great place to escape for the weekend, by the way. Tonight on the plaza, Marcia Ball brings r’n’b from New Orleans. She’s got a song playing on the radio “Pots and Pans” about the big elephant in the room, the rapid disappearance of American democracy. The song recommends we are to get “Out in the street, beat, beat, beat, bangin’ on some pots and pans!” The least we can do may be enough: to vote it back. All the best, may your summer dreams bear juicy fruit! Love, Elissa


Psychic Counseling and Spiritual Healing in Santa Fe, in person and by phone SUNDAY JULY 22nd Santa Fe Intuition Workshop, 11 am-12:30 pm Wednesday AUGUST 8TH, ADDED WORKSHOP 7 PM-8:30 Wednesday August 22nd Intuition workshop, 6 pm-7:30 pm. Never a dull moment in these workshops! Enjoy a psychic message and healing circle, and also learn to receive helpful guidance from your own intuition. You’ll also learn from the themes and questions and support of other circle members… that’s how circles work! $65 per person for 4-7; to register email, details here. ALTERNATIVE INDIAN MARKET AT THE SCOTTISH RITE AUDITORIUM INDIAN MARKET WEEKEND: August 18-19th Native American history professor Gregory Schaaf is creating a new market for traditional Indian Market artists, August 18th and 19th. Because it’s an all-volunteer effort and free to the public, they need help with the rent! Click here to read all about it… it will be a great addition to Indian Market weekend and promises experiences not available in the downtown streets.

Out of Town Itinerary

Housecalls: Atlanta, Ga: August 3rd or 5th. (between Atlanta/Clarkesville) Housecalls: Los Angeles: September 25th New York: October 28-30 (5th Ave mid-town office) Housecalls: Massachusetts: November 1st

Spiritual Guidance and Psychic Insights Summer 2018

Message from the Sun in Leo: The spirit of Summer 2018 doesn’t want to point and tell you what’s going to happen, it wants experiences to free you. Summer’s planetary energies gather in experiences that are meant to help you liberate yourself and clear things away.Then, what’s new and now possible can be seen. Do you want to do it? Do it! Your Personal Horoscopes: A few different times since late Spring up until the July 12th new moon eclipse, I’ve channeled messages for the fire, water, air and earth signs. The first set are clairvoyant (posted June 6th), the next are Summer Solstice readings (June 22nd) from the tarot, and the last set are new moon (what’s growing) eclipse horoscopes based on July 12th astrology. (To read the original posts, follow me on Twitter, I always tweet the link.) CONTINUED AT


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