Psychic Predictions about Marine LePen, North Korea, and Ivanka Trump

[st_row][st_column][st_text id_wrapper=”text_2c184e1e1d10e1a5eb79f9bb480fe2a7″ ]These predictions came out of a bout of boredom driving down the highway in New Mexico, on the way to Albuquerque from Santa Fe…I began thinking about my last client, a young French woman on Sunday April 24th, the day France voted. In a relieving email exchange after our session, she let me know that France had gone with the moderate, and that she was quite sure that Marcon the moderate would win the May 7th run-off as well.

Great, the world didn’t have to worry about more chaos and right-wing power installations. I pulled out my car deck of tiny tarot cards just to see what they would say about Marine Le Pen, the anti-immigrant fascist-type candidate.

They said that it was her time and she knew it. It occurred to me that my client could be like the many liberal American women who never thought Trump could win…that collectively America would go for him.

On tv I saw supporters of Le Pen acting as if she had won, looking like they felt very sure it was a victory although she lost to Marcon, dancing all around and singing. It looked so crazy, considering she lost by some points, unless they knew about some silent majority or other game-changer that would make her a winner on May 7th.

The Marcon win happened while Mercury was (and is) retrograde, so the run-off when Mercury is direct May 7th, has more potential to not concur with the Mercury retrograde scenario of April 24th.

P.S. (added as an update a few minutes after publishing): I just remembered I also asked about Marcon, the moderate, and it said that he would come to find out what he was up against – and that being inexperienced/young or not equipped to fight i.e. bringing a knife to a gunfight – would be the opposition he encountered on May 7th.

Here’s what else I got asking the tarot:

Nothing to worry about vis a vis North Korea and the U.S., it is going to end well or better than expected between the two places; war is a non-starter, not what the outcome is of current interactions. There was the suggestion that it served to calm things down and gain a better position…it certainly got Russia off the Trump administration’s back for a week or two.

Re the Trump administration, the cards suggested it doesn’t go anywhere; it is wanting to be a big change; it is very expensive and costs the U.S. a lot, and yet nothing gets organized, or the energy gets fragmented. The only other explanation of what the cards were showing me that makes sense is, Trump somehow ends the model of the role he is fulfilling. Could the Trump administration be so destructive as to end democracy as we know it in America?

I started thinking about Ivanka Trump, that perhaps in her mind she was positioning herself to be a female president, and the vibration of that vision alarmed me for a startling reason: the combination of Kushner and Trump was dangerous. It were as if not only Donald had connections and agendas that threatened the planet, but Melania did, too.

I think I reached my exit about then….[/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]