Personal Guidance for Your Astrological Sign in 2017

[st_row][st_column][st_text id_wrapper=”text_a85814afa19b6e75350a24ad801b25d2″ ]astrological-signs-2017While we await the fate of the U.S.A., being decided December 19th by the electoral college, I thought I’d entertain you with an excerpt from my forthcoming Winter Newsletter. Please enjoy psychic messages for 2017 according to your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign:

Aries 2017: Your mantra for the year: “I can; I will; I do things for myself I never did before.”

Taurus 2017: Easy does it, take your time, don’t get in your own way; be nice to slice through whatever lies ahead.

Gemini 2017: Contemplate abundance. Imagine it! Embrace the possibility of magic! Be the good 0luck story you always dreamed of.

Cancer 2017: Oh boy, a truly brand new year on your birthday! A relief to know how things can change, awaits you.

Leo 2017: Upwards, onward, but with more ease this year, more smiles on your face, a life with more grace.

Virgo 2017: You: Done; finished in some way. “I want to be free”, something inside you said, and this year the universe answers. Be sure by not questioning the changes; be an adapter.

Libra 2017: This year gets better and better, obvious by Fall. All in all, by not giving in to lesser choices, and steadfastly holding out for what’s good for you, you stand strong and stable, and win.

Scorpio 2017:God, the changes so fast, I can’t keep up!” “Oh, yes you can. You will and you must… and it’s easy: just don’t need things to be some way you envision. Things beyond just your personal field are operating, and resistance mucks things up. Trust change.”

Sagittarius: 2017:I’ve got more energy than I ever have because I’m free of caring about opinions. I want to do my thing, be on fire, be unleashed!” Go for it, Sagittarius!

Capricorn 2017: “Oh success, sweet success!” Lots of lucky charms from leprechauns you knew a long time ago are strewn around for the picking this year. Be yourself, that works the best! Nothing else is needed. Aloha!

Aquarius 2017: What to expect: a great stretch, preced by a ret purification. An elevation to your life – a different plane of existence awaits you, as do success, direct connections that benefit you, and being very, very busy with what you produce.

Pisces 2017: a lyrical year! You make the world go away, and enter your own sacred space. You want deep spiritual renewal, and nothing can stop you from that goal…it’s all up to you.[/st_text][/st_column][/st_row]