Elissa’s March 2016 Psychic Newsletter

March-2016-300x245Dear Friends,

I hope your attempts to stay organized are going better than mine…I’m pretty sure that’s the key to success for all of 2016…that and not giving in to continual distractions.

I’m off to the races and late with the mail, here’s a big smile from Santa Fe, New Mexico, where it’s sunny, Spring-y, and sneezy,

Have a great month, it looks to be exciting and revealing and we’ll feel like life’s worth living to the fullest,



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JUNE WORKSHOP QUERY: I’m interested in holding a June workshop in Santa Fe, a refresh and recharge weekend for your spirit, and perhaps a safari into your preferred future. it could include a day at Ojo Caliente and possibly a mini-workshop with another healer located near the Hot Springs. It could include new self-healing and daily centering techniques with guided meditations, the transformative art card process, a psychic message and spiritual healing circle to deal with current issues, practices to commune with spirit in Nature. June 3rd-5th, $375. Please email if interested, even if the date doesn’t work for you.

Psychic Impressions of Spring 2016 and March Predictions

Spring 2016 Out in the World; So much new is coming our way: inventions, infections, deliverances, detentions, guerilla warfare and interventions. March actions will call for redactions!

Unless we’ve disengaged from life, it’s really hopping for each and every one of us in March. We’ll need to be resilient even if it’s great, as it’s one after another, changes and new events coming like quick blows that have us alternating between elation to feeling like we just got blown sideways. Doing mindfulness practices and daily meditations to stay centered can really help.

Many new ways of doing things are being presented, and we’re more untethered from “how we used to do things”.

March is a magnet for obstructions and distractions; there’s often a big boulder in the middle of the road. Go around it; the best strategy is non-engagement with obstacles.

March Solar and Lunar Eclipses: March 8th on the new moon solar eclipse in Pisces, it can dawn on us what we need to do, and on the 23rd’s full moon lunar eclipse in Libra, if we’ve acted on our new awareness, we’re prepared to tip the scales and set up new and more favorable circumstances.

Sunday March 20th, the first day of Spring, has a lovely vibration of beauty and cooperation…and it’s a dreamy and romantic Spring if love is in the cards for you. It must have inspired this month’s pictograph, which suggests we become softer and more idealistic and compassionate this Spring, reflected in new collective solutions.

March 25th, Saturn turns retrograde in Sagittarius, meaning over the next 4 ½ months, you’re led to revisit your plans and reconsider your personal and professional goals. Spring’s more practical side is that we’re able to work hard for our goals and take constructive criticism to heart.

What’s needed for success in March is to keep going, and to see professional and creative projects to completion. As well as the satisfaction that can bring, becoming proficient and efficient in the process will be its own reward.

The Presidential election: Current prediction articles are on my blog.

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: Unexpected developments could pop up, and unexpected expenses. You could have to work quite hard for whatever you’re trying to get accomplished. Nevertheless, it looks like you’ve got good plans for yourself! You meet significant people, and significant events occur in March. Watch a tendency to be hasty, slow down and stay safe.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Life gets more intense and in a good way. You could be making a beeline for a better place, and happy about how well things are unfolding. You are feeling aligned with spirit! New developments and arrangements coincide with a phase of life that’s more going-your-way.

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: You could be changing jobs, changing homes, getting into a more suitable profession, and finding ways to make more money. Traveling for work is likely. If you recently had health issues or home disturbances, it looks like they are improving and you will feel a far more complete recovery in August.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: You spend the month putting yourself out there. You’re monitoring a lot of things and seeing what comes of it. Whatever it is you started, you’re getting feedback on. You are learning what are the strong and yielding directions to go in, the ones that can carry you the farthest.

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