Explanation of What Happened to Bernie in SC is Hopeful

Explanation of What Happened to Bernie in SC is Hopeful

I was so curious: Why did Bernie do so badly in South Carolina? I read a Rolling Stone article,

WTF Happened to Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, Explained”, but I wanted more explanation. The article states all kinds of upside-down statistics that sharply differ from every other Hillary/Bernie poll. (Hillary polls more trustworthy than Bernie, and many other anomalies).

The South Carolina primary proves that keeping people poor and having too hard a life to pay attention really works! People clearly didn’t know Bernie’s policies or record.

Every Bernie supporter and public figure of color in a leadership position would have to come out strongly for Bernie, to quickly influence people and bring his “pro-regular-people, poor people, and old people” policies to the voting audience.

There’s going to have to be a huge mobilization of expertise and will – people are going to have to drop their normal lives and attend to informing people and getting involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign, right now. Because there’s a chance, people love him when they do get to know him. 2.4% unemployment in his state!

The Comment section of the article gave me more explanations about such a heavy loss in South Carolina: Mainly, they were “name recognition”; voter apathy: “167,000 Dems stayed home” and here are some others:

“SC is a Republican state, first & foremost. It has just ONE Democratic constituency and that is- Congressman Jim Clyburne’s district! The Democrat vote share of all voters is less than 12% of the entire state. So, yes- amongst this 12% minority share of entire SC’s voting population, Clinton won convincingly. This is no indication at all of the state of SC so, I wouldn’t put much emphasis on it. Given more time, which sadly Sanders may not have, the rest of the African American popn in the US, I feel would readily shift to Sanders once they became familiar with Clinton’s actual record with Civil Liberties esp amongst Blacks! “

“All this says to me is that South Carolina didn’t research the candidates before voting. Sander’s policy proposals would be drastically more beneficial to African Americans than Clinton’s. One candidate marched with MLK, one did not. I would be surprised if the majority of the South Carolina voters even knew that.”

Another explanation of what dinged Sanders is Dirty Politics, Clinton supporters who are willing to slander and lie and subvert truth: Here’s a comment that details how Congressman John Lewis, a powerful figure in the black community, subverted the truth and smeared Bernie Sanders:

“How much of this win in the black community in South Carolina is due to Congressman John Lewis saying he never saw Bernie Sanders at Civil Rights events in the 60s (likely true as there were millions involved), but more importantly, ALMOST CERTAINLY FALSELY saying that he saw Hillary (then Rodham) and he saw Bill Clinton. In 1964 Hillary Rodham (now Clinton) was a 16 year old high school student “Goldwater ‘girl’.” Barry Goldwater opposed desegregation of public facilities. Hillary Clinton has grown from her youth, although there is NPR audio of her out there saying her political beliefs are rooted in the Conservatism with which she was raised. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?… ) (apparently January 13, 1996).
Did the young South Carolina citizens who voted for her prefer a minimum wage of $15 an hour as promised by Senator Bernie Sanders, or the “something less” indicated by Hillary Clinton?
To clarify what Congressman John Lewis stated, his statement about the Clintons came after he had finished a statement and was leaving and he responded to a question. He initially said he had never met Bernie Sanders at Civil Rights events, which well would be expected with the millions involved from all over the country. BUT THEN he added he met Hillary, he met Bill Clinton with the implication it was in the 60s.
There is a 2001 book in which Congressman John Lewis stated he first HEARD OF Bill Clinton in the 1970s and first met him in 1991, certainly long after the crucial Civil Rights years of 1960 to 1965. See: ( http://www.dailykos.com/story/… ).”

John Lewis did apologize for implying Bernie Sanders was lying about his involvement, but too little, too late.

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