Psychic Call-in Radio Show in Santa Fe Oct. 6, 505-424-4550

Psychic Call-in Radio Show in Santa Fe Oct. 6, 505-424-4550

Tomorrow I will arrive at KVSF, armed with info about the October planetary forces in play, plus talk about the New Moon circle on Sunday the 11th, and, answer your questions if you call me up! Host Richard Eeds, KVSF, 105.1 fm has me as his guest on Psychic Tune-up Tuesdays, and whatever spiritual guides come to the studio…we care what you’re up to and want to hear from you! Call between 9-10 Mountain at 505-424-4550. Always the first Tuesday of the month between 9-10 am.

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Elissa’s October 2015 Psychic Newsletter

Elissa’s October 2015 Psychic Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I’ve got a lot of psychic messages for you, as this Fall has been the subject of a couple of my recent horoscope podcasts. I started this whole experiment of daily horoscopes for the radio by getting up and watching the sun rise – a very visceral divination experience-then divinating on the coming day. It’s a beautiful ritual, but over the weeks it’s morphed into a lot of different ways to meet a deadline. I think the only thing that works on me is a deadline. Actually, the beauty of the morning colors worked on me – I still get up now to watch the sun come up, but I’ve usually now already written the podcast the day before.
I’ve been getting these weekly and daily messages in a variety of ways, but the latest is the most far out of all: Last night I was driving through northern New Mexico with the next day’s early deadline on my mind,( October 1st,) when I got inspired to make tones that got me in touch with the different zodiac signs. Then when I intuitively adjusted to the right harmonies for the signs I was holding in my mind, I got a psychic messages for them…and that’s how the October 1st horoscopes came about! You can check out the results…the messages are for more than just today in this horoscope podcast.

Ultimately, I’d like to just be able to spiel it out in one broadcastable prose piece about the day, that would be a beautiful exercise…I have always remembered reading how Buckminster Fuller extemporaneously riffed on the Lord’s Prayer every time he went to sleep, going through how he saw things that new day, and it kept him in awe of the Universe.

Have a wonderful month!

Love, Elissa

Santa Fe Healing and New Moon Psychic Circle, October 11th Sunday, 4-6 pm. $55. By reservation, please email for details,

First Tuesday of the Month, October 6th Call-in Radio Show hosted by Richard Eeds, 9-10 am Mountain. Call in with your psychic wonderings and I’ll answer your question on air, 505-424-4550, or listen to KVSF 101.5 FM, the Voice of Santa Fe. (My favorite question so far was a guy whose dog wouldn’t ride in the car with him anymore, and who also now hopped up on a chair he never used to sit in. It didn’t take a psychic to figure out what happened, but I did figure it out pretty quickly.)

Monday through Friday on KTAOS Solar 101.9 FM, your psychic horoscope at 10 and 6. Horoscope podcasts daily on at around 10 a.m.

All October and November, psychic counseling and healing in person and by phone in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 505-982-3294 or email Although I’m excited about my new toy, horoscopes, my true love is my private practice and healing work.

Intuitive Impressions for October 2015

Suddenly swinging the right way…that’s what many did at the end of this season’s eclipses in September, and now in October it’s easier to see what’s right and act on it.

Reading through all these messages, the story of the month is that there are a lot of twists and turns in circumstances, and the idea is to ride them: to keep your own life balance and favorite activities going; to not blame anyone and get slowed down, and to refuse to look anywhere else but up. Then you’ll plug in to the high voltage energy of this time in a creative way that can greatly benefit you.

Success: When you notice how people might be restricting you, be patient, you’ll find a way to grow around it. Save your fire because in October, where there’s a will there’s a way, and friction will slow you down. Partnerships of mutual aid you cultivate in October make for a strong December.

This is a very solution-oriented Fall. Within people, there can be a tug of war about whether to play it safe or not, and “not” wins out because better solutions occur about how to innovate and resolve problems. Fall is about problems and solutions and reaching out to different kinds of people than you might normally do. People will find themselves strange bedfellows but united by a cause. That’s the most creative thing you can do: forget the details and the differences and unite around your cause.

From a September 20th Fall omen walk at the Petroglyph Park in Albuquerque:

The World: Volcanoes… big upward surges of energy trying to upend and heave off…will it never end? Yes: the turbulence dies down in April 2016. (I take this to be a development where there is less violent social change.) Meanwhile, a lot of people try to blow up the place, we’ll try a lot of different things to deal with instability. And various new creations hit the market, but nothing is so important as overall, people’s greater peace. There are stirrings of it in September in the hearts and minds of people trying to establish peace within. And the virtue that goes the farthest in feeling this new peace, is Patience.

Success Story About Patience: Definitely needed this last August, seriously needed in September, get used to people screwing up in October–Need Least (from everybody) in November, and by December, the hard new bud of your resilient self, will be ready to rock and roll and win the day in the new year.

Mercury retrograde is still in effect until October 9th: It’s easy to overestimate what people understand; be specific and precise. Don’t go somewhere without a map or give a talk without an outline. Make sure you take the right electric cords for your devices.

With Mars in Virgo for the next two years, it’s a time of getting down to business, less ego, and more awareness of the actual work involved in whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Fall Equinox Message: Today the Sun goes into Libra. What’s fair and balanced? To make things even out in your favor, just pay attention to how a situation benefits you and not what’s wrong with it. It’s a tricky time and what works is to play up the positive, and as a policy, be generous.

Change is intense this Fall, and people can feel that this season is the one that they’re meant to leave a lot behind. You’ll make the right choice if you’re willing to witness the destruction of some of the past, and trust the new paradigm.

Psychic Insights for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs.

Read your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs

For the Fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: October: You might have to work hard and make sacrifices and learn new things to get what you want. “The one who wants the fruit must climb the tree.”

No matter what provokes you, this is not the day, and perhaps not the whole season, to protest. It doesn’t matter why, what matters is that for cosmic reasons beyond the obvious, making a big fuss can bring on unwelcome repercussions.

More Tips for a Successful Fall: Don’t do too much. Make less plans. Plan to be happier. Here’s your mystery message: A little of you goes a long way.

For the Water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: October: Your identity feels renewed! More powerful, more willing to try new things! More willing to put yourself out there in new directions. Owning your true identity is invigorating!

If this season you get the same old same old, take it as a sign you’ll have to make a radical change to stop another repeat. You’ve gotten your hopes many times, now you need to see the change happen.

More Tips for a Successful Fall: You go from musing and mulling over to moving this Fall. Being faithful to your own soul is the inner challenge. Being graceful to everyone else is the other challenge. Beware of false prophets and pie-in-the-sky promises.

For the Air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: October: This is a month of gaining strength, independence and knowhow to put your expansive, liberating plans in motion.

Today and frequently this Fall, you might need to run interference, cover your tracks, re-align the direction you want to go… you might be making a lot of quick changes…if you’re good at this, success is yours!

More Tips for a Successful Fall: Leaps of faith are scary but the forces beckon and you must be fearless this Fall; be willing to let go of things, you’ll get them back in some better way; What do you want to do and where that can take place? Let that be your guide.

For the Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: October: You’re setting off in a lot of new directions, and not clear certainly in the beginning of the month, about any of them. But what’s more important is that you want “new”, and new is what you’re getting.

Fall is active and industrious like the can-do Earth signs. But this season, you let your hair down…you get loose, you get creative, you get more loving…coming up, things are good that warm your heart.

More Tips for a Successful Fall: Your love can get stronger, and new love comes to many this Fall. Behave yourself with people who are officially your superiors. There’s a better time and way to move forward than being defensive or reactionary, and it’s coming soon.

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